Book club

 Book club. We had to reschedule to next week because of inclement weather. Worse snow fall in over 30 odd years. It has been tough enough trying to get out of our subdivisions, no less meeting early evening at our local coffee shop. We have much history with each other. There are many 20 year friendships and even some 30 year. And yet, each book club doesn't get its real time personality until the evening of book club. Each time there is a different group, someone is always missing because book club is no respecter of persons. The book club takes on persona of those who attend, those who share. Even having one person gone, changes the dynamics of the evening's discussion. Because we know each other so well, there is always much catching up time. If a book was the only thing we had in common, it would be a  completely different fit. Have had conversations about whether which camp is better. I have wondered myself how the conversation would change, how my takeaway would change. Would I appreciate the book experience more if it was the sole focus? This month I discovered the silent book club. Yes, if is a real thing. It is a type of book club for introverts. The premise is you just enjoy the experience of reading with others, no conversation. You all sit at your table with your coffee or wine and collectively read whatever you want. Never having any kind of conversation. It is a growing like crazy trend. Taking great pride in my introverness, when I read I do it alone. By myself, in my sweats. Reading is a one person team activity, imagine that I would be very uncomfortable reading to myself in a group. Conversation is why I am in a book club. I already have my idea of whether the book chosen was a good fit for me when I get there on the those Monday nights but I am interested in seeing it in a different light. I want to be challenged to see the other opinion .More often than not, the interaction becomes personal and we have leave the book behind and head into Real Lfe. I think that is my favorite. What we read affects our lives and we use those life lessons to incorporate or understand why we think the way we do. Everyone woman should consider a book club, even the strong, silent woman.    


Peace. The ideology is part of every culture. Something to achieve. Something to negotiate, somewhere to compromise. It is not Something that is achievable in the human realm. There will not be true peace this side of heaven. Just look to Genesis. It did not take long for peace to end and murder to begin

Peace. The ideology is part of every culture. Something to achieve. Something to negotiate, somewhere to compromise. It is not Something that is achievable in the human realm. There will be no true peace this side of heaven. Just look to Genesis. It did not take long for peace of the Garden that had been to end and murder to begin.
4 locations
5 weeks
9 murders
Charles Manson is be a name that would stay with me for 46 years and counting. To start 2017 with the news that he was seriously ill, put a smile on my face, although not one I am proud of. Finally, death using its powers for good. Two months before, I graduated from high school. Two months later, my mother would commit suicide. A few hours later after I heard the news, I would be praying for his soul. Not for a complete recovery of his body but his soul. Sometimes we do not get to understand. If you have to know, if you have to have all the I's dotted and t's crossed, faith is not for you. Faith says you are willing to delay the all knowing and accept what is given. We each get to choose. Every day. Faith or no faith. You choose.
In a perfect world,
There would be unequal parts of happiness and grief.
You might start in the unhappiness arena, but you would know,
The good stuff is on the way.
It is not a perfect world.

A perfect world.
If you asked 10 people what that would look like,
You would get 10 different answers. 100. 1000. A million.
Same answer. All different, some would even be total opposites.
Cats. No cats.
Root beer. No root beer.
Trees and rain, Seattle. Sun and surf, California.
There is no perfect world.
No perfect job, church, or family or people.
There is just us, and we are capable of the unspeakable.
There is however, a imperfect world.
An uneven split of happiness and grief.
It is the world we live in,
Everyday. It never goes away.
Until it does. Then, no do overs.
No returning with fresh eyes,
And the greatest desire, to make amends.
Do your best today,
With what you have.
Love the best you can.
Listen the best you can
Live the best you can.

Pete Sousa

Following Pete Sousa, designated WH photographer, as he lives out his career following President Obama around, fills a basic need we all have. He takes between 500 to 1500 photos a day and never deletes a photo. To preserve memories. We are all little Pete Sousa's as we follow family and friends, favorite haunts and delicious things that you never saw coming.. Doing what he does without pay or recognition for the same reasons. to have a record of us. Who, what where all those things that define, describe and delight in who we are. as we start to think about closing 2016 out and getting a fresh shot at 2017, our minds are swirling with new and bubbly ideas. Keep the ones that worked and make new plans for those that just didn't make the cut. Looking at some new back up,ideas for storing photos on line and look forward to a clean slate for the new year. Ready to document new memories and see what makes me so happy as I check my Camera Roll every week. 2016 was a tough year emotionally but from a photographer standpoint, it was awesome. Thank you, my friend.
The committee picks a team way before I am aware and by the time I am aware, I think was a team of my choosing. I am well aware that there is a committee that runs the show and I am but a lowly press secretary. I hold daily briefing several times a day and the news is as fresh to me as to those who have gathered to hear. I am Miss Figure Head. I represent the committee in the tone and manner as they have conveyed their collective thoughts, action, and opinions. Sometimes I don't agree with the committee. I push back even though I know it is in vain. They don't always know best but their control is undeniable. In a strange way, I trust them. They include all parts of me. It appears that no one has an monopoly, equal say for all. They have discussed, argued, offered approval and rejection of ideas and throughly know all the options. They have agreed on a POV and then, and only the, is it shared with me at the pre briefing. I am given the information, no discussion on how said info had come into being. No questions are taken, nor supplementary memos included. Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. This whole thing happens hundreds of times a day. I have come to respect the committee. They were the ones that talked about Jesus when I was not interested. Again, they didn't ask for my opinion or imput. I suddenly found myself at the daily briefing, hearing myself say. I believe in Jesus. I believe in the Trinity. I believe Jesus was the Son of God and He died for my sins. At the podium, all hell had broke loose but I keep on. I took no questions at that particular at that briefing. I need to collect my thought and process what I had just said.

paper towels 101...

There is a reason that paper towels are perforated. Try to tear one in the middle or a sheet and you have got yourself in a real mess, They perforate the paper towels for a reason and by that reason I mean, we human can be pretty dumb.

We may be able to travel to the moon, think up the internet and invent Red Velvet Pop Tarts but there are times, we are as slow as molasses. We couldn't see it if it jumped out and bit us. There are perforations on sandwich bags and grated cheese. Just admit it, we all need a little help and god forbid, if we try to go around, the perforations. Now, you have got a big mess for the life of your product and it will haunt you every, single time you use the product.

Real life is just like that. There are perforations sprinkled all through our lives. Some times we get it and sometimes we try to get around it. Next time you think you are smarter, better, faster - remember the paper towel. Make good choices...

music as prayer...

My prayer life is all over the board. Sometimes it is quiet and in the dark. Sometimes, it is driving down the road and it is overwhelming. For one who loves music, one of my favorites is to pray during music. For whoever comes to mind.

This week, Mark Schultz's, You Are A Child of Mine came on my ipod and immediately it was dedicated to two guys. As the lyrics played, the prayer just got stronger and stronger.

This is for Sam and Brian. Heal their hearts and make them whole.

This kind of prayer isn't about results. Most of my prayers are not about results. I may be missing the boat but this is the only way I know. I lift these people up and smile, knowing God is hearing me and whatever that looks like, I am good with. It is where my faith may be the strongest. They belong to him, I am just asking for a day's blessing.

And everytime the Hallelujah chorus comes on, I turn my palms up, and soak it all it. Every last bit and whatever happens, happens.

Just being open to put music, people in a prayer, is enough for me. There is such a freedom and there is never a time that someone doesn't come to mind. He is so good. So very, very good...

There is no one in heaven, I am dying to see. There are people that it will be nice to reconnect with but none that have me longing to have one foot in heaven. Those people are all still here. When I read BabyBoyBakery's Story, I understand the concept of having your heart broken and in two places but have no practical experience to understand how it must be to live that, day after day. I understand how lucky I am. I am grateful for where I am and understand that life can change in a heartbeat. The only thing that keeps someone in that position with a sense of staying instead of going, is hope. Hope is what gets us through those days. Even those of us with both feet here, understand that hope is the bridge that makes us tell ourselves, our hearts, one foot in front of the other. Hope, for each of us, is replenished daily. There is more than enough to go around. Grab what you need, until you are completely full and able to take that next step. Don't worry about tomorrow, more hope will be on the way. Take it to heart today...