I know

What do I know. Day in and day out. If I were to define know, it includes doubt and fear. Even for this black and white one, nothing human is 100%. We come with built in doubt. We come with fear of our own and others making. We are passionate and that alone brings its own set of challenges. Anything that produces a emotional high, runs the risk of being trouble. We are at best, imperfect people. At our worst, the unthinkable. We all carry the ability to feel passion but there definitely is a scale. Some of us feel it occasionally, like our favorite song or movie. And some of us feel in everyday in most everything. This week, this song came to mind and has not left.

I know that my redeemer lives. The Steve Green version on the Young Messiah album. Most certainly doubts and fears wrapped into this know and yet, it holds firm. All week, everyday, it would keep coming back over and over. Then this photo yesterday as I just listened to the kids in Keaton's bedroom which is the Cheers of our lives. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name...

Gage's face and I know are different sides of the same coin. Reminded immediately that life is full of pieces and if you spend a little time paying attention, it will be worth it. These times are my favorites. My camera just takes over and more importantly, they allow me in. What an honor. What a life.