...if anything, did I learn today?

My favorite morning show, Morning Joe, always ends with the question, What, if anything, did we learn today?

With a bit of modification, it is a great question. I don't buy the notion that there may be a day, when nothing is learned. I don't care if you don't leave your bed, there is Something to be learned, every single day. If nothing else, to understand that the power to learn is ours, if we choose, all the time. Every moment, every hour, every day. No exceptions.

That being said and gotten off my chest, the things I am capable of learning and the things that are available to be learned are an nevernending lists of knowns and unknowns, taking turns at being in our thinking universes. Sometimes, there are common senses issues that we have forgotten or never learned properly enough to be anchored in our brains. Not talking about those, Oh darn, I did it again moments,it is about those, I never thought about it like that moments that give us cause for change.

Heard a doctor this morning, promoting his new book illness and he said if you take an 81 mg asprin a day for at three year, you lessen your chance of cancer by 36%. Just $2 a year seems a pretty small price to pay for any benefit, no less such a seemingly large one. I have been taking my daily baby orange tablet for about that long. Way before this doctor's recommendation, I had heard too much about this benefit, not to add it to my daily routine but nice to know, it was a good move.

Some things you learn, in progress. As this boy grows, I have to remember to ask permission to take his photo when we are out. I just saw him listening to him iPod while grocery shopping with his mom and me and had the shot in my head.
Furiously trying to get the camera out of my purse, the moment for spontaneity passed and the photo I had in my head became, staged. And...I forgot to ask Keaton's permission. He got a little red in the face but we were good. He is so close to being 13 and I must complete my journey of his boyhood and replace it with a new one. His manhood. Hugging, taking picture - need to learn that when we are out in public, the Do Ask policy is always, always in force.

I do ask myself this question everyday and even on the days that the answer hurts, I am still aware that learning stands alone. It is not about the outcome but what choices you make to go there. The chance to be better, do better and grow. Can hardly wait to see what is coming my way today...

eyes, wide open...

Dinner at Piehole. Bacon and pototo pizza, and a big slice of Real Life.

Before a reading by one of my favorite authors, David Sederis - my friend and I wandered the street of Boise, looking for a bite to eat. After passing a few, we both kept coming back to Piehole. Her son had said he loved it, we had passed it during Saturday Market, so it was settled.

We sat outside with our meal and it didn't take long for the entertainment to start. We heard them before we sawthem. A bachelorlette party, in full voice and swing. This ladies were sitting next to us but know that those a few blocks away, heard what we heard. Their excitement was contagious, these chicks obviously loved, to party.

It was obviously prom night. A constant slew of prom goers, one with their own photographer, roamed up and down the street. Beautiful gowns and lovely men wear kept our interest as we munched away, It was also soon apparent that their was another kind of prom going on. Or at the very least, a dress up event. There was a group, dressed to the nines in short, sassy dresses. Beautiful hair, looking their very best, who were also men. Not judging here, but is not a sight I am use to seeing. My camera started to jump put of purse. The ultimate in street photography, yet the fear of being beat up was greater. On the way to the theater, we saw 3 men dressed as an indian, a hippie and a police men and yes, they went into a bar. Camera, camera - where are you! Culture 2012 was in full swing and we took in every bit of it.

Soon, we had to head for our venue. A reading about limo drivers and colonoscopys, finished off our nights. Laughing at the everyday Moments that we all share. To hear about your family, make ours look just as crazy as we thought, now we can say it out loud.

Thank you, Boise for a wonderful night! It was a ball...

RIP 467-3823 and Simplot


It is now official, retirement day for DH is June 29, 2012. Paperwork is done, money will be coming in Down The Road. The second Wednesday of the month will be our new favorite day. Seems unreal that it is here.

We are giving up the home phone and going all the way with the cells. It is time. Will be offline for a few days until we get new setup, up and running. Changes are coming faster and we are dodging and weaving, learning to love the new as we did the old.

Thought about keeping the old phone number but with the election coming up, we were pretty sure that giving it up was the best thing for our mental health. No more 10PM calls with fake voices, wanting something from us. The idea of living in the semi- anonymous world of cell phones is starting to make prefect sense.

It is just a phone, why the sad face? Why...it is the how I found out my girl was getting married, the same one that informed me, I was going to be a nana. It also brought the news that my father, mother and father in law were close to death. I imagine that I will never forget you, old friend. Thanks for the memories...

Change, here you come! We are as ready as we will ever be...now, where is my phone?


Each of us is a traveling show. What we do, where we go and how we do it. The people that cross our path on a daily basis, whether we know them or not, are our people. Sometimes there is a connection and sometimes, there is not. Yesterday, found ourselves in a connection that did not feel right. What do I do with that?

Have you ever just met someone and felt, instantly connected? For an introvert like me, this has happened way too often. In several cases, I never saw that person again. The connection was for that time and that place, alone. Have learned to accept that and even flourish in the concept. What about someone who wants to be your friend and you don't feel the same way? There is no reason to be flippant or rude. We all have different personal boundries and we learn to work within them, adjust where we need to.

The point is to just be aware of the people that surround your path. There may be there for a short time or forever. I tell myself, it is not always about you . It is not about me trying to be like Jesus, it is about being empty and available, as needed. It is about being aware, being alive to one's own journey and fluid enough to stop on the path and just be with those whom He loved. It may be a quick hello, long hello. It may be about listening to someone for a few Moments, being heard by one who needs an ear. It may mess up your day, your week or your life, so be it...so be it...

manly men...

Not until my husband told me, did I understand anything about men. Many years ago, he explained how difficult it is to ask a girl out. First, a man has to talk himself into it and then, is at the mercy of said, woman. Let's be honest, women are not always kind.

Depending on which side of the beauty scale, he and she are at and the confidence of his ability to be given a chance, there are obviously many variables here but looking back over my experience and one guy in particular, I wished I had been more prepared and not tripping over myself, trying to run away and pretend it never happened.

Later, I would date someone who was far prettier than me. My friends would say, they would take him, anytime. It was not pretty but it is part of my history and hopefully, I learned from it.

Back to DH, what a wonderful 40 years he has spent with me. He actually deserves a trophy and a huge gift certificate of which will not be forthcoming but it is the thought that counts.

I hope this kid gets the girl. He looked so happy...

I hope his goofy grin, wins her over.
I hope he is smiling in 40 years.
I hope they live Happily Ever After.

cause and effect...

Friday night was the Kony 2012, Cover The Night event. Every country, every city that participated - plastered walls, telephone poles and whatever else was legal or not. The Boise FB page showed that 3000 were shwoing up to the event and another 500, were maybes. The reality was 300, showed up.

Whether the fall of Jason Russell or the law enforcement's instructions that a piece of plastic was the only place to put posters, had an influence - we will never know. We hit downtown early but with the opening day of the Farmers Market, it was tough to see anything. Got some cool pics of the sidewalk art that had been done but that was about it.

Later in the day, we cruised around our little town and that there was some Kony action here. Had not even considered that there might be Something so close but looks like that would be an error on my part.

I have lived long enough to believe that you don't have to have a super, big number to succeed. One little poster can change the world, is a view I firmly believe in. From the day of the first video, I have prayed for Joseph Kony, every day. It is a specific prayer. Have imagined him in the jungle, or a safe house. Know that God knows exactly where he is. Part of the paryer is for his safety, that he be giving a chance to be arrested alive and not killed upon his whereabouts, being known. He is a wanted man and my prayer is that he is safe with God, before men find him.

Dude, you are on the run. There is nowhere to hide. Social media has changed the way a man is hunted and you best get your affairs in order, before you are found. Your face is everywhere. Every country, is looking for you. Where can you hide? How long can you run? Time for a come to Jesus meeting...now, before it is too late.

rolling in the deep...

This is Pastor Doug. Don't be fooled by his nice, old man looks - he is a firecracker. I am glad my kids go to a church where the pastor has a firm grip and a loose tongue. Over the years, we have heard many, many PD Stories. On Palm Sunday, he told about being arrested and serving time for selling drugs to Filipino drug lords. One of the regular worship leaders is Doug's friend, played with the Steve Miller band. He knows people that he looks like, he wouldn't know.

After many sermons, you get a feel for people. He has a wicked sense of humor. He is honest, maybe too much so. I can see where you might take him wrong. He is upfront about what he will eat if you have him over for dinner. The suit and tie thing isn't really him but it was Easter and he is from that generation were when Easter is on the calendar, you take it up a notch.

In my short Jesus career, I have heard my share of preachers. I also, have favorites. Like music, some were one-hit wonders and others like PD, has earn my over and over again, interest. Not one to sugar-coat what it is, the Jesus he shares is the one, I know and love. Next time I see PD, he will be back in his jeans, and we will both be a whole more comfortable, the way it should be...

day 79...

July 7, 2012 is quickly approaching and it is time to start all the paperwork.

Last week we started on his company pension. It didn't take long to find out that a copy of my birth certificate would also be needed. I didn't have one. Thought I wouldn't need one until I retired. Misconception #1. I knew I was born in Lansing, Michigan and that my parents and grandparents left for sunny California, two weeks later. That would have meant traveling across the country in how many vehicles, with a two week old baby, the first week of December. They never talked about that trip but it must have been a doozy. Wish I had the sense to as. Everyone is gone now, no one to ask...

Which would have been helpful lst Friday when the phone rang at 803AM and it was a nice lady in Eaton County telling me, I wasn't born in Lansing and oh by the way, she was swiping my Visa card for $35.I sat in shock for a while but had Places to go and People to meet, so I pulled my my Big Girl Panties and moved on. Misconception#2.

Contacted the state of Michigan and they said if I was born anywhere in Michigan, Vital Chek would find me. As they swipped my Visa for $65, I started to have doubts about the whole thing. While Those People who raised me were certifibly insane, my grandparents weren't and I had heard my birth Story from them, many times. Now, it is just a matter of waiting.

Today, UPS said they are delivering mail that needs a signature from Vital Records. They usually come around 4PM, it is going to be a long day. It may or may not contain a birth certificate. The mystery may or may not, be solved. I am ready, no matter what. Not sure how to proceed if there is no certificate but feeling good that Miss Google will help. So until then, I will hold on to the retirement paperwork and wait. On a side note, last night we did the SS retirement online and that went much better. Patty Duke said it was quick and easy. Patty Duke wouldn't lie, that is just Somewhere I can't go today...

PS. Looks like I was born in Detroit. Life is good when you know you were born in Motown...

life is better with googles...

We don't have to see everything in crystal clear vision. Sometimes, in the middle of all things, normal - someone says, I need my googles!... and everyone agrees that is a fabulous idea and runs to grab their own.

Enough of life has to be seen in the dead of clarity. The news is in our faces, everyday. Bad news travels at least ten times as fast as good news. Somedays, we never get to the good news, too bad.

Think I will grab a pair of these for me. I could wear them while mowing the lawn, give the neighbors something to talk about but if they ask, I will tell them. Soon, the whole neighborhood will be wearing them. We will trend on Twitter and change the world.

Maybe I should start slow. Wait till they see me jump rope with the new jump rope I bought today. Not sure what I was thinking but will go slow, first with no goggles but look out - everything could change in an instant...


If I really think about, how often am I content?

contentment (usually uncountable; plural contentments)
1.the state or degree of being contented  
2.happiness in one's situation; satisfaction
3.the neurophysiological experience of satisfaction and being at ease in one's situation, body, and/or mind.

I disagree with the first part of point 2, agree with the satisfaction. Happiness doesn't have anything to do with being content. Being satisfied doesn't go hand in hand with being happy. Being content is a choice, being happy is spontaneous.
One must learn how to be content, happiness just comes naturally. No learning curve needed for being happy.

You really never know where your next happy is coming from. It could be a song on the radio, an unexpected piece of mail,or an unsolicted comment. It could be a sunrise or sunset, or a chocolate chip cookie. Whatever it looks like, the smile that starts to come across one's face and heart, is unstoppable. The warm, fuzzies take you on a ride, you didn't see coming. There is euphoric in happy. There is none of that in being content. Learning to be content is an art form. To be happy, all you have to do is be human.

So back to the question, how often am I content? More often than I give myself credit for. The winds of life blow me around. I may bend and it may appear I am ready to snap but I pray my root system is strong enough to allow the fluidness of life to take me down to the ground and wait to spring back up. That is Something we all have to learn and to be content with that is just the way it is...

there is always, one...

one who will,

want to break away from the herd,
not follow instructions,
find fault,
is a one-man show,
take the low road,
lie, cheat and steal,
can't get along with others,
marches to the beat of their own drum,
will do the unthinkable,
good and bad.
there is always one, who will hide their face.

You will never get 100% participation,
in any event.
If you do,
someone is lying.
It is my personal theory that at any given time,
20% of people will do things, you never imagined.
Sometimes, they smile,
other times, they will hide their face.

It is just the way we are,
it is the way we roll,
that one, always shows up. Always.


seven...if you have to go to school, at least you have your Birthday Lunch fairy bring you the goods. Happy Birthday Miss M! love you to infinity and beyond...

buy 1, get 2 free...

Pay attention.
Whether in church or Real Life.
Don't send money to anyone, even if they say they are your grandkids and don't want their parents to know.

Pay attention.
if something says buy 1, get 2 free. There is Something, really wrong.
It is true, that the best things in life are free,
everything else, you need to pay attention.

The brain God gave you, works pretty good.
Circumstances of life, sometimes derail our use of that brain.
It is not the brain's fault, it is ours.
If you use the wrong body parts to think with,
that is what happens.

When you want Something so bad, and decide to pull the trigger,
you used your heart instead of your brain.
Buy 1 and get 2 free is not targeted to your brain,
it makes no sense.

Your life may no always make sense,
but do your part.
That is the best you can do,
and learn to live, with the rest...

It's mine, back off...

We all know the feeling. Not our best feature. Emotion is part of this built in protection.It has such a caveman quality to it. Whether things, people, ideas, property, it all feels the same. The panic, the sorrow the mere idea of loss - is seen as unfathomable.

Some times we are able to think through and come up with a compromise or an all out, give away. We push past through the primitive need to hold on, and see the bigger need to share as valid and doable. There are times when we decide to pull up our Big Girl Panties and do the right thing... and then, change our mind. WE WANT IT BACK! And, we want it now.

Being mine will always be a journey, never a destination. It will always be a struggle, it will always feel wrong and we will always fall back into our human ways. When we get journey and destination mixed up, we do ourselves a disservice. Do yourself a favor and learn to tell the difference and plan accordingly...

to know...

To know you are loved is the greatest feeling in the world. It doesn't have to be a big deal, take a lot of effert or cost an arm and a leg. It simply boils down to paying attention to someone. Spending time playing together, listening to someone or doing an unforeseen, random act of kindness. It is way easier to do it to someone who makes you swoon, whose hugs and kisses mean the world. When done to a complete stranger, it looks different but the feeling is the same.

The feeling that goes straight to your heart. It is completely involuntary and you just can't help but smile. It is the connection that we all crave and for that Moment, we feel alive. We feel alive and well. All is right with the world. The only right thing to do is go out and do it for someone else. Go spread some love and see if it doesn't feel, Oh So Good!...


The weekend was a whirlwind. Starting on Friday, we have had seven main events going on. Easter weekend, the start of soccer and an early celebration of one wonderful little seven year old. Every time we turned around, there was a Pile of Something to pick up for the next event and scurry out the door. We left nothing, undone.

My computer runneth over with photos, there wasn't much time to do anything to them but go through them, organize and cut the ones from the herd, who aren't going to make it. As I was sorting them, I was conscious of the emotion that came with each group. Gage's hair during soccer season. Grandma Sue with her rabbit ears, standing next to her grown son. The happy look on my grand girl's face when she opens her new American Doll. The silent ones, like Jesus on the cross at No Greater Love. Gigi, our shared grandmother who hates to have her picture taken, not noticing my camera. The boys laughing, the guy in church who sat intent as he heard the Easter message at church, and this one with Gage sharing Draw Something on the iPad with Aunt Bebe.

There usually is a designated picture taker for every family. If you don't have one, be one. Someone who always shows up with some kind of camera. Don't worry about getting anyone to look at you, just start shooting. You will be amazed at what you get and the memories you are making, are beyond priceless.

I heard yesterday that the guy who won the Masters Golf thing has never had a golf lesson. Never. This one was shot with a P&S camera. You can do this, start now...


It is early in the morning, sleep is in short supply.

Soon, there will a church service. Then a family dinner and Easter baskets. This year, we will also be celebrating a birthday. Much going on, like every Easter. The boys and I spent last night at a local Easter pageant, No Greater Love. We know the Story yet Gage had many, many detailed questions. He was trying to put together what he knew with what he was seeing. He wanted a timeline From Palm Sunday to Easter. He wanted to know about BC and AD. His favorite part was not the soldiers dragging Jesus away, like I would have imagined or the thunder and lightning as the son of God was dying on the cross. His favorite part was when Jesus, so brillantly played by Dave Mangum, arose to heaven.

NGL celebrates it 33rd year of production. Dave Mangum has been these for every one of them. I didn't read the program until I got home but this year, is his last. I am so glad we went this year, it will never be the same without him. It is always feels weird when you see him about town, like at the grocery store. Once I saw him get out of his car, a Grand Am. We owned the same kind of car and I remember smiling to myself, thinking I own the same car as Jesus!

33 years. I think it is no coincidence that Dave chose to retire. The time had come. Thank you Dave for all your years of being Jesus in human form to us. Jesus, thank you for being in human form, for us...

walking each other home...

We're all just walking each other home. Anne Lamott.

While the age old Story of Easter never changes year to year, our lives do. Some Easter are more memorable for reasons ranging from incredibly wonderful to extremely terrible. Whatever is going in our lives, reflects at each holiday and that is the way we remember them. Like it or not, that is just Real Life.

The first many years of Easter, were all about the bunny, No church, no dinners, just the bunny. When that is all you have, it is a Big Deal. Later on, I would understand what I imagined church people did on Easter and was pleasantly surprised that the Easter Bunny was still included. You can imagine my onw personal surprise when the year we started the church, I was the Easter Bunny. That elation would quickly turn as I realized how many little kids were deathly afraid of my beloved Easter Bunny.

Have had the opportunity to do quite a bit of reflection this week. Of those who are in my life,and of those things that are touching my every day. The boys and I are going to No Great Love Saturday night. An local Easter pageant where the man who plays Jesus has done so for some 30 years. He works out year around for the Moment on the cross. We know the story, yet to see it played out, we walk away with Something New every year because we are in a different place every year.

Whereever you find yourself this Easter, I hope that a piece of wonderfulness comes your way. That your heart is full and happy. Happy Easter...


What is shadowing you these days?
What is following you around, wherever you go?
What are you trying to shake, but can't?

When I saw this photo, it reminded me that there is always Something, behind us. Need proof, here it is. People follows us for different reasons and different lengths of time, depending on the the relationship. Now that we have Facebook and Twitter, following someone takes on a whole new meaning.

Why do we follow someone?
Why does someone follow us?

You don't always get to decide who follows you. In extreme cases, it is outright dangerous. Wish our never-changing shadow could give some guidance. Whether our past, people, thoughts or situations are on our tail, we maybe can't change them but we can change ourselves. Remember, we are the leader. The one, out in front. We are deciding where to go and how to get there, all they can do is follow. We keep going, no matter what. Let the shadows do what they may. This is about us, they are mere shadows...


In basketball, we all know that we don't score everytime we shoot. We hope to score but don't think it is a given. We continue to shoot, no matter what the scoreboard says. Over and over for four quarters, everytime we get a chance we take the shot and we just keep going. We take the shots and let the scoring take care, of itself.

Real Life should be played exactly the same way. We should shoot over and over and over again, and let the scoring take care of itself yet we don't. We freeze. Scared to miss, scared not to score, we play it safe. we hold back, thinking if we don't make it, it is over. We could go days without taking a shot and it could seem, perfectly normal.

We need to play Life like basketball. We need to shoot, no matter what. We need to steal the ball, take the shot and get ready to do it all over again. How different would your life look? Mine would be insanely, crazy good...

domestic violence...

Palm Sunday. This week, those who hailed Jesus with palm branches at the beginning of the week, will call for his death in a few days. Everything will change, even though no fault will be proved. This week we hear again the Story, that makes little sense, yet will change the course of world events and in the end, will have an outcome that no one could have predicted. The last Supper, the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, Pilate admitting he finds no fault. Those who waved palm branches a few days earlier are now calling for his crucifiction, his death. Good Friday to Easter Sunday, the Story will be told for over 2000 years yet many, will turn away. This morning, three asked for Jesus to come into their lives, for the first time. When we think of domestic violence today, a different picture comes to mind. A proper definition would seem to include the turning against those we purpose to love, and take it upon ourselves to beat them, sometimes to death. It would seem that history repeats itself, again and again. This is the week, we look at ourselves and say why and then we remember Jesus's words - Not if but When...