other people's words...

or rather their arrangement of words. We all have equal access to the same words but it is the configuration of said words that grabs our attention. I have numerous books of quotes in the zalaine dille memorial library and every so often, I grab a pen and start circling those that just fit me to a tee. They truly reflect me and I got to say, I wish I had thought of them first....
Abundance is, in large part, an attitude...Sue Thoele.
The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been...Madeleine L Engle.
There's that "You're only as old as you feel" business which is true to a point, but you can't be Shirley Temple on the Good Ship Lollipop forever, Sooner or later, dammit, you're old... Joan Crawford
I was grown up at ten and first began to grow young at forty... Madge Kendal
At fifty, the madwoman in the attic breaks loose, stomps down the stairs and sets fire to the house. She won't be imprisoned anymore...Erica Jong
I am no longer afraid of anger. I find it to be a creative, transforming force: anger is a stage that I must go through if I am ever to get what lies beyond...Mary Medinger
Laughter is much more important than applause. Applause is almost a duty. Laughter is a reward... Carol Channing.
Sometimes I think we are all tightrope walkers suspended on a wire two thousand feet in the air and so long as we never look down we're okay but some of us lose momentum and look down for a second and are never quite the same again - we know...Dorothy Gilman.
One can only believe entirely, perhaps, in what one cannot see...Virginia Woolf
The bible writers didn't care that they were bunching together sequences some of which were historical, some preposterous and some downright manipulative. Faithful recording was not their business, faith was... Jeanette Winterson.
Couldn't have said it better myself...

beyond me...

It is Catch up week for my on-line class so for those of us who were caught up, our teacher issued us a All About Me challenge. These are so hard for me to do. The whole picture of the face and the I like Diet Coke, chocolate and West Wing. This scrapping addiction of mine has taught me the value of sharing more of myself with others, especially my family but I have to make myself happy too.
I am finding I don't mind these AAM pages if they point beyond me. For me there is value if I am part of the stream that describes the River. I struggled with this layout all week and yesterday morning, it just fell together. The night before I was thinking it was time to take the naked Dove old lady picture. Somewhere I do have a naked back photo so I can add my own tattoos whenever I want - some day when you need a special treat, we will go there but for today, I wanted to use my senses and came up with this somewhat sentimental ditty.
It is pure, honest and exactly how I feel.
However our paths crossed, I hope you walk away feeling hopeful that anything is possible.
It is not about me, it is about beyond me. I would like you to see past me to Him. I would like you to see that He is real. Not about rules or religion, He is so far beyond what I could ever explain so I have to live it. I could belt out the spiritual laws and recite John 3:16 but that is not me. I am more of a pointer. Beyond me - His Way.
Beyond me, beyond you. Beyond what we do for Him, Beyond what we do in His name. All pointing at us needs to be diverted to Him. If I can make you understand that I truly believe that anything is possible, then He will take your hand and show you the Rest. That is how it should be...

work in progress...

I could never be a contracter/builder. I am into instant gratification. I hate this part of the construction - half up and half to go. It is unattractive. It just seems like it is in limbo. That it won't be of any use until it is decorated, the furniture is in place and the pictures are on the wall.
I have a hard time with a work being in progress.
I realized that translates in my Real Life. Sometimes when I am not at the Top of my Game, it is because I have forgotten that I am a work in progress. I can live to be 200 years old and I will never be decorated, have my furniture in place and all the pictures in the wall. This just dawned on me today. I see my weeds, half finished construction and my unattractive exterior when what I want is a perfectly gorgeous building that I and others can admire. If I have to imagine myself in this unfinished state for all my days on this earth, two things could happen.
I could spend the rest of my days being mad and repulsed at my state of being. Always wanting what is not possible, not accepting my limitations and presenting a false self could be a way of life if I wanted to choose it. My other option would be to see what I am and accept it. Accept that this side of heaven, there will be weeds and windows without glass. I would have to delay having the beautiful building with all extras, for now. Learning to live with being a work in progress is a tough thing to face but this picture of a soon-to-be bank will remind me of what is Now and what is possible, Later.
It's about embracing What is and looking forward to What will be. Can one really learn to love a work in progress? I'm sure going to try...

mother of all yard sales...

12 hours and a $1000 dollars later, the yard sale is over. Those 12 hours don't include sorting and pricing but not a bad 2 day haul. This was a 7 person yard sale and there was definitely something for everyone. At the end of the second day - after our very successful Anything You Can Get In A Bag For A $1 sale, there were 3 bags and a few boxes that had to be taken away.

It truly was a beautiful sight to behold. Perfectly folded clothes all sorted by size and brillantly displayed ( see Little Girl, I do appreciate your fine work!) to fABulous signage. There is nothing worse than chasing a sign to a non-existant yard sale - not on our watch. Someone even commented on our great signage. Ah, what a compliment.

At the end of the day, you walk thru the house and realize that you don't even miss what was sold. The house doesn't look empty and you went thru the having everything you needed. For me, it is not so much about the money but I try to enjoy the people I will meet during the sale. Sometimes they don't make it very easy but I keep trying...

I always make it a point to ask them how they are. Not a welcomer but nature - it is a great opportunity to trade some time with others on the Path. ..

a 45 year old woman who refuses to use paper napkins, only cloth. She also shuns paper plates and cups. She bought a bunch of unfinished checkered napkins.

the man who seemed to just have been released from prison who knew nothing about Rescue Heros for his 5 year old son, He bought a bunch and came back later in the day in a suit on a motorcycle to buy more.

a young woman with a Down's Syndrome cute as a bug little girl who was so thankful for the $1 sale. I helped her pack all her finds in her car and I noticed in the back seat next to her daughter's car seat - a hanging IV bag with milk or a white substance. She couldn't stop saying thank you - for the goodies and the help.

There were also a few of the less of the best. After haggling with one woman, I doubled the price of the item. she thought I was kidding. Her grown children made the comment that she had finally met Someone who wouldn't put up with her crap...

All in all, it was another great Lesson in His children. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in His Sight. Jesus loves all His children in the world and I am so trying...


Week three of my online class brought the theme of touch. I don't think I understood how important touch was until a few years ago. When my FIL first entered the nursing home, I noticed how much the older people would reach out for my attention. I am not one that is comfortable with stranger touching. Even at church, there are those people who are natural huggers but don't always take into consideration, their audience.

I could hug my own family forever and do, There have been times I have hugged people I have just met - it came natural and I felt it was the thing to do but it is a different world. There are still people that want to touch a pregnant women's belly -these days being pregnant can be a dangerous thing. You might be safer to just let everyone think you have added more than a few pounds and have lost your ability to push yourself away from the table.

Going back to the nursing home, maybe because the VA is 99% men - the few times I have been grabbed have freaked me out. I am sure they meant no harm and just wanted a little human contact but I was the wrong person for that job. I pray for the staff - what a job they have.

My layout for my class had to be about Morgan and Mommy's hair. This weekend at the yard sale with so much coming and going - she had a hold of her mommy's hair alot. Funny what comforts us. Sometimes all we need is a little touch...

Ode to summer2007...

Yesterday was the first day of summer. The longest day of the year. We got to see/feel the sun for the greatest amount of hours in one day for the whole year. This is the top of the mountain. Everyday from now on, will get progressively shorter. We won't notice it for most of the summer. It was almost 10PM last night before it was dark. That and it was 96 degrees. We are trying to set up out little pool but have not had much success. For the next two days, we are having the mother of all Yard Sales. The temperature is suppose to hold - that pool would sure feel good. By the time we get it going - it will probably be dark by 930.

The splash of water will remind us of Summer for all of our days. I imagine when I am 70, the sound and feel of water on my skin on a hot day will still bring back memories of summers gone by.

As for summer 2007, I plan to enjoy it throughly, everyday and since we are burning daylight now - time to get a move on. Happy Summer to you all!

God and flash...

My husband always says that God doesn't do flash. He isn't about the glitter and glam, or fireworks or even the beautiful people. We judge quickly and harshly those things we seem out of place. The plain and mundane don't get our full attention. We forget that He works in His own mysterious ways.

We spend a lot of time trying to figure Him out. We should spend less time encouraging each other to pursue the whys of Him and more time enjoying those wonderful, mysterious and surprising ways.

All talent comes from God regardless of the beliefs of the talented one. Don't waste time on trying to make sense of it - just enjoy...


I was helping Brando today get ready for the Mother of all Yard Sales this weekend. The garage is already full and there is more stuff coming. Our task today was to finish going through boxes of her stuff and getting a tag on everything.

We were doing stuffed animals and she ask me to put all the stuffed animals that were in the red box in the green tote... And I did just that. Next to the red box were a few stray animals but I didn't pick them up because they weren't in the red box. This is the anal side of me that I am not in love with.

I want to be more fluid. Like the picture of the water splashing against the rocks - no two drops the same and a random stream of mist that seems to have its own natural rhythm. There is nothing anal about being fluid. Fluid has ying and yang, back and forth and a recklessness that borders on being a little out of control.

Can you learn to be more fluid? Like learning a new craft - can you practice your way to include more ying and yang in your life? I hope so. Unlike learning to play a musical instrument where talent can make the difference between music that sounds like it came straight down from heaven or a well-played piece, with no depth or emotion.

The very nature of being fluid is emotion. That is what the anal side is missing out on. The job gets done in a very satisfactory manner but has tunnel vision. So much of what Jesus taught was fluid and so many of us are anal, it is almost like re-learning what we thought we already knew. More and more, I come to believe that being with Jesus is a little reckless and borders on being a little out of control.

Just like taking everything out of the red box and putting it in the green tote, I need to look around. What am I missing? What is right in front of my face that if I miss - I will be sorry? For me, it has to be a daily reminder. Other things come more easily. For those things that don't, I just need to let the water splash on my face and refresh me. Ah...that feels better.


So I placed an ad for my antique kitchen cabinet on a local on line classified board. When I got home Friday night, I had this email waiting for me.

Hello... am intrested in buying this item for a client and am payming you the money order.. so if this is okay by you get back to me with your full name,address and phone number for the payment. about the shipping am going to handle it ,so get back to me now My Name is: mark

Ok, it looks odd to me but being Miss theglassishalfempty, I wanted to give my fellow man a chance. Still, I wrote back,

Mark, are you wanting to buy the cabinet without seeing it? Can you explain about the shipping - are you going to pick it up from my house? Trying to see this from both sides and certainly want your client to be happy with their purchase...

Didn’t hear anything until Sunday afternoon and then this email came,


The only question i will like to ask u is;

1. can we trust u with the money?

2. will u be able to wire transfer the excess the same day u receive the PAYMENT ?

3. is the item is brand new?

4. can we take u for ur words?

with ur reply to this questions,it will give me the power to authorise my client to issue out the check for u as soon as possible.
and again which name is to be written on the payment that will be sent,is it going to be on the address u gave me or what?
get back to me ASAP to futher show ur interest in selling the item for my client.


My last and final email went like this,
Sorry, item no longer for sale...

Sometimes trouble isn’t as easy to spot. Sometimes it is and we go ahead anyway knowing that it is too good to be true. I will hold on to my cabinet for a bit longer, me thinks. This kind of trouble, I don’t need…

PS. I was at the bank today and the teller asks for my debit card. Long Story, but when I told her about the cabinet – she was very interested. I have sent her pictures and waiting to see what she thinks. Would be a hoot if she bought it. Funny how things happen…

99 balloons...

This is a Story about Eliot
and his most fabulous parents.
It is also a Story about
being grateful for every Moment.
But most of all,
it is a Story about seeing
the Big Picture.
Its about going with God's Flow,
no matter how it manifestes itself.
The weekend brought a lot of reflection time for me
The constant is always Jesus, no matter what the circumstances
and if I live it, I can celebrate my life everyday, no matter what.
Jesus continues to find new ways to steal my heart...
99 balloons brought it all together...
You can check out more of Eliot's Story at http://www.ninetynineballoons.com/...


The last few days, I have found finding myself strangely attracted to non-human photos. Ok, but this lady seemed oblivious to the people who were walking by her. I had to capture her being able to be in her Moment while the rest of the world was doing their thing.

Our photography field trip started out with no plan. It was my job to decide where, which I failed miserably at. On our last trip, we decided to go where there were lots of people to shoot. We needed some models that we didn't have to bribe or drag with us. We thought the people of Downtown would fit that bill nicely but as today's trip started to unfold, people didn't seem to fit where we were Today. We headed back to where I had taken Brandi's pictures on Tuesday and thought we would scout it out for family shoots. It turns out that the is our place of choice for family shots - now if we can get the Family there.

As we walked around, there were no people around. I found myself loving the flower and water shots. After a while, we went across the street to the second park and there were more people than nature. Nothing much to look at so we headed to the third park. Again not much to look at but this rose garden. I have gone past it many, many times. Never stopped, never saw a reason too. Roses are everywhere and when you put so many of them together - it is almost too much - like you are the middle of a victorian tea ( which I would totally RUN AWAY from) but we walked around and got some nice, tight shots. I tried to concentrate on being in the Moment and not LOOK for people and for the most part was successful. There were a couple of young women who had parked themselves right in front of a rose bush in the shade and they had their sketch books and watercolor pencils out. I was immediately drawn to them and started snapped away.

So here's my deal. I want to live a balanced life and I want to be immediately drawn to where I need to be. I want to see what I need to see whether anyone else can see it or not. I want to be aware of my surroundings but be ready to go in a second. For my whole God life, I have been told that He has a plan for my life. My life - each of us does and they are not the same. You may be with me when my path becomes apparent but you may not even notice the difference.

I walked down a lot of paths today. They were all beautiful. They would all be perfect for me but there is only one I really need to worry about and that is the One meant for me. I may have to walk down Many to find mine but that is part of the Process. May you find your path, your way, the One that is waiting just for you.

a wonderful life...

I met a lady today. She told me right up front, she was a feminist. She moved to our town a while back but admitted there is not enough differnet kinds of people. Ok, and This is the best part - she does Roller Derby.

My german Oma was a mild mannered women...until Roller Derby came on TV. She couldn't get enough of the elbowing and smacking each other around. These are fond memories for me and because when roller derby was ON, she didn't watch my sister and I as close as usual. One time we found the family address book and invited everyone with a phone number to dinner that night - unfortunately no one showed up. I can remember being quite disappointed even with a
red bottom from a good spanking .

Anyway my new friend and I went on to have a spirited conversation. She's 20 years younger, we have unsimiliar backgrounds and not much in common but there was a connection. The one thing we did agree on was that we both were high-maintenance and weren't princesses. We laughed and shared and genuinely appreciated each other. The one thing I shared with her is to not be upset if some of her strong feelings start to wane as she gets older - usually to be replaced by different passions. Those of us with strong feelings keep them for a lifetime. They are an ever-present part of who we are.

Our lifestyles could not be more different. The Roller Derby life is a wild one and this wild child is enjoying every moment. I think it is her way of acting out her Wonder Woman alter-ego. My Wonder Woman wants to clobber people too but not exclusive to any one group

As we parted, I gave her a big hug and she hugged me big back. Another Moment to delight in and another chance to meet one of God's girls. I don't think she realizes how much He would love to share Roller Derby with her. I hope Someday, she gives Him the chance...

you just never know...

I said something about taking some pictures on her birthday but never, ever expected that she would agree. I don't know what got into her but it sure felt like it was my birthday. She is absolutely gorgeous - I have been asked, This is Your girl?. DH and I always say this is what happens when ugly people mate. When she was a teen and we were at the mall, I would see young and old men stare at her and yesterday at the mall, it happened twice again. I can't tell you how happy I was taking these and when I got home,downloaded my chip - I couldn't believe the shots I had.
Whille I am not lying about my grown up beauty, I did tell a lie yesterday. In my own defense, I was caught off guard. Maybe it wasn't exactly a lie but if I would be able to do it over, knowing the answer would not be popular, I would have been blunt and honest. As I thought about it, I realize that we lie for main different reasons, not always just for our own benefit. I am not shocked at how easy lying is. How fast is rolls off the tongue and its own justification, not far behind. I don't think all lies are wrong or that you could go through life never telling a lie. You also can lie to make others feel better - that is not healthy either.
I wish I could take my own lying pulse and record when I lie and why. I might feel better about myself...or not. I even find myself telling my gks the Truth and sometimes that gets me in trouble. So as I don't see my taking the lying test, I want to be aware of when I am less than honest and what that costs to myself and others. There has to be a balance and I am still looking for it. Reminding myself that life is a process not a destination - I stop looking for the finish line and just look where I am going. As for today, it was FABulous and that is no lie!...

a whole new world...

Some things never change. Our zoo, for sure. They added a butterfly exhibit and managed to rangle a red panda but pretty much it is the same zoo as when my girl was little. I smiled to myself when I heard the family behind me wondered which direction the elephants might be. Oh, I hope they weren't counting too much on seeing any pachydermy - but kids, they are thrilled to death because not only are there monkeys and penguins but cheeseburgers and ice cream!

It is nice to have some stability in the world around us. Thirty four years ago today, I had a busy morning. I started having labor pains about 1030PM the night before and by 1230AM, I was on my way to the hospital. By 250AM, my little princess made her way into the world. There were no grams back then and the doctor swore it was a boy throughout the whole pregnancy. When I got to the hospital the day before ( my water broke and then sent me home until labor pains began), there was an issue abut how many babies I might be having. The nurse with much experience swore we were having triplets -she heard three distinct heartbeats and the doctor didn't want any surprises in the delivery room. For a good hour, most of us involved were in tears. It would have been the first set of triplets every born in that hospital. They finally ruled out triplets so we were good to go.

It was a whole new world being a mommy and now some 30 ish years later, a whole new world has taken on a different meaning. The internet, terrorism and catching predators is our world now. She has grown up and is a mommy herself now but she will always be my little one. Happy Birthday Little Girl - I LOVE YA! Some things you can always count on, like a mommy's love and our little zoo.

the beginning of summer...

The calendar may not agree and while we need it for some things, we sure don't need a calendar to let us know that summer is here.

Last week brought the end of school and the weekend brought a awesome water fight. It is a custom of the Wet and Wild parade to provide watertainment after the traditional floats, horses and dancing girls. You know what is coming - the warning comes before the water. We are not talking damp but all out WET. Those who choose not participate need to find shelter and take cover.

This boy couldn't wait for this part of the parade to begin. Armed with only a tiny squirt gun, he took on the flow with all his might. He looked forward to the one on one water combat action and loved every minute of it. During the calmer times, he would look back at me - I was behind him, trying to take pictures while ducking behind a pickup and I would give him the thumbs up sign. It was a great day. We headed home, happy with our day.

Sunday Mother Nature decided on a water game of her own. We woke up to grey skies and pouring rain. Not exactly how we pictured the second half of our weekend but that is how summer is. You can mostly count on fun, sunny days but you just never know. Summer is not much different that Real Life. There are places where you can choose to participate or not - and some places where you have no choice. As Keaton says, Get what you get and don't know a fit. Good advice- sounds like something I could incorporate into my week, think I will give it a try...


I needed to touch base with the social worker at the VA where my FIL resides. He has been forgetting more and more - basic things like where his room is and on what florro. At our last care meeting, they indicated that he had become less cooperative and even mean. As the social worker and I exchanged notes, it was clear there was more serious problems going on. Lets say he has become inappropriate toward women and the the standard order is two nurses have to be with him at any given time. So many issues here but suffice it to say, I have visited him for the last time. When I explained what was going on to my DH, he immediately said, You're done - no more. He will do all the visiting from now on - I will continue to go to the care meetings with the staff but my visits with L are over - the next time I see him will be at the funeral home.

There is a strange feeling attached to all this. Certainly one of relief, again, many issues that have brought us here but he is the last of our combined parents. I realized this afternoon you can never completely be free of guilt. My goal has always been to wipe guilt off my slate but today I think guilt is something we have to live with. Whether real or imagined, good or bad - guilt is part of our human emotions and learning to live with it may be a healthy thing. I truly believe this is best of all of us - I feel bad for my husband. How difficult a thing it can be when it is your own parent. Whatever the rest of L's days look like, for his sake, I hope they are few. For my sake, they are already done...

pushing beyond...

I started a month long on line sensory digital class this week. Our first week's focus is on sight. Our assignment was to take a photo or layout we had already done with little or no journaling and use our sense of sight to look deeper and push beyond what we originally saw.
It didn't take me long to figure out that on powerful pictures, I would become completely overwhelmed and could never find words to do it justice so I would give it a title and a few swigglies and call it good. This photo was so strong for me, I scrapped it on a blue piece of paper and gave it a Sand and Surf title. After a few good suggestions, I began to push back. I tried to recall what I was thinking when I took the photo. I LOVE taking these back shots. They tell their own Stories and that is what I am always after. To me, a photo must tell a Story. We take photos to document people and events but going that extra step can turn a plain document that tells who, what and where into a Story that leaves you wanting More. It is these kind of photos that have traditionally stunned me into non-action.
I had no idea that Week one would be so powerful. It can't help but spill over into other parts of my life. It is amazing to me how creativity just keeps unfolding in my life. Being a life long anal, when I started to exercise my creative muscle - I had no idea of the Places I would go. Learning to explore and see the world in a different Light - I just didn't see that coming.
I have never been one to like school or assignments. A few years ago I had to take a college credit Microbiology class for my job and I almost got thrown out when the talk turned to social issues that I did not agree with. I am too old to keep my mouth shut so even if I was inclined which I am not, I would never make it. Could never bit my tongue for a grade.
I have learned alot since then and going creative seems to be a great fit. I can't wait for week 2 and I am even considering sending my teacher a cyber red apple. The things you can learn if only you are willing...

the Time of my life...

I am 55 years and 192 days old. I don't know why I had to do the math today but I did. There are things that have not happened to me in all those days and now, many of them are not possible ever again in this life. As a friend was having surgery today, I realized I would never have a diagnosis of breast cancer as a young woman. Funny how praying for someone else can bring up issues in one's own life.

I have gone through this list before. Many times - Fears that dogged me as a young woman...

I will never be a young widow.
I have danced at my daughter's wedding.
I have lived to be older than my mother.

When you put it all together, I have had the Time of my Life. If it ends tomorrow, I feel like I am rich beyond measure. That is how I truly feel - I am so grateful for every day from now on.

On the off chance that I live pass tomorrow, there are so many things to look forward to. Saturday morning before I went to the funeral, I found this video on You Tube. Thanks James and Julie for sharing your Dance with us. Not only is one of my favorite songs and I realize why- it is my Love Song to Jesus. BTW, I identify with the dancing babe in the blue skirt, she ROCKS. To the Powers that be - feel free to play this at my funeral. The bad and the good, all of it. I wouldn't change a minute of it. Not one minute...

I searched through every open door
until I found, the Truth
and I owe it all to You...


I ran across this quote this weekend and couldn't get my pen out fast enough. Funny that is would be written by a little yellow bear, so much Wisdom from Someone who lives in a remote forest but you never know where the Good Stuff may come from.

If ever there is a tomorrow

when we are not together

there is Something

you must almost remember...

You are braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think

but the most important thing is,

even if we are apart...

I will always be with you... Winnie The Pooh
I think that is the theology of most parents. I saw Denzel Washington on Oprah a while back and he said for as long as he could remember, his mom's nightly prayer was - Bless my children and my children's children.
The closest we ever get to understanding God's love for us is when we become parents. Having children can help that selfish part in each of us, disappear. We take on the care and feeding on Someone out side of ourselves and waht we thought was important, no longer is.
Now, imagine God and His love for us. We never know what is coming our way on any given day. We are not able to physically reach out and touch God now... but there is Something we must always remember,
We are braver than we believe,
Stronger than we seem
and smarter than we think
but the most important thing is,
even if we are apart,
He will always be with us...
For Ryan and Amy...

no words...

Nine days ago, their oldest son graduated from high school
24 hours later, he was gone - along with his two brothers and his dad.
Gone in a moment, leaving their mom and sister to find the strength to go on.
Seven days later, the four hearses are lined up at the the church.
Parking lots are overflowing at two off site churches
and across the street at the middle school.
We are not the same religion but grief has no religion
I sat in the school parking lot as the funeral started and prayed for them. The tears came so quickly.
I prayed that God would saturate their hearts, their grief and bring them overflowing comfort.
25 minutes after the funeral started, there were still cars looking for parking places
so I left.
Stopped and got a coke and headed for my church, about a mile down the road.
I prayed the same prayers in the near - empty parking lot.
We are all in this life together. Religion can't keep us apart. I grieved with them
with my whole heart.
The serenity prayer, adopted by AA, was part of a sermon written as early as 1934
I never knew there was a second verse, until today.
Living one day at a time
Enjoying one moment at a time
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with You, forever in the next.
Sounds like good preaching to me, no matter who you are...