What is the difference...

... between trust and faith? Grown son to his stunned mom...

My friend didn't know how to answer him. The dictionary he had consulted said they were virtually, the same. As I listened to her, my immediate response was, No - they aren't. .

As his questions rolled around in my head, I came home and consulted my favorite go to source, Wiktionary.




obligation of loyalty.

None of that helped and I finally figured out what it was that made me feel so strongly and burst out with my original strongly felt, No.

It comes down to this for me - trust happens when something either physical or emotional satisfies you. When it is proven to you, that it is ok to trust based on an experience that makes it Real for you. Faith is the exact opposite. There is no proof,and no manifestation but a sense that in spite of it all, faith is chosen regardless of proof. Trust is proof-realized and faith is proof-less acceptance.

Have my issues with both trust and faith. Have more issues with trust than faith, because trust demands answers and I am ruthless when looking for answers. Not one of life's journey's that I particularly love. Makes sleeping difficult, chasing the elusive conclusions that I am so looking for. Life is not always a puzzle to solve and we all have different ideas, of what we need to know. This is just my Story...

on the road, again...

I never did see his mom and dad. I followed him through Costco to get a glimpse of his Story. He dragged Buttercup down a few aisles and in the end, he was just taking him back to the ranch. Imagine that he dragged the horse to his parents and they said, NO. At least he decided to do the right thing and take Buttercup back to the barn.

Ever grab Something and decide against it and then, don't put it back where you got it from but leave it wherever you are? Not proud to say, I have. In a hurry, don't want to walk clear back across the whole store. There is a host of reasons but the bottom line is, not of them hold much water. I really hate it when someone puts something that requires refrigeration and leaves it out to spoil but that doesn't disregard or lessen, my own negligence.

I don't do it often but I have. I can say that about alot of things in my life. Things I am not proud of but that is part of being human. The good news is we can ll learn to change some of the things about being human that aren't attractive. We can do better, it just takes a bit more effort.

My little friend understood that. He had a special place in his heart for Buttercup whether he was able to take him home or not. It is a little thing but we Big People know that little things lead to Big Things and the sooner we learn that, the better humans we will be...

bullet proof...

If I was going trick or treating this year, I would pick Something with a bullet proof theme. Something like Miss M's pink, SuperGirl costume. Not only does it say something about girls, power and pink but the idea of being a super - hero so appeals to my basic DNA.

All things being equal and if U2 already had a back up girl singer, being bulletproof and fighting evil would most certainly be my second choice. It so fits me and I humbly would add, I would be terrific at it.

There are places in my life where I can and hope I am, bulletproof. Deeply rooted, while I may be shaken and stirred, will pop back up - good as new. There may be places I don't even now about yet that are a steady as the day is long. Hope to see them Someday. For now, I will have to live vicariously through my Pink SuperGirl and collect treats instead of bad buys...At least for one night...

square one...

Sometimes it is not about where you are, have been or are going. It is about where you are this very Moment. Not as you wish or should be but just as you are, warts and all. It is not a step backwards, but actually, the way to going forward. A time to regroup, look around and see where you are and if it is where you need to be.

Being, we are not very good at it. If we are not moving forward, we see it as failure. If you get stuck for a long time maybe then you could walk up that path, but taking time to stop, look both ways and then proceed - sounds like a great plan to me. Moving just to move, can only bring trouble, The kind that can do Real Damage.

So, that is what I did today. Stopped, looked where I was and decided to head just a bit in a different direction. A slight pitch, a small tweek, square one if you will. Not a bit of failure there, and maybe a darn good idea, we'll see...

the Beast...

Inspiration comes from many places. One of my sources is my father. As far back as I can remember my Dad has written poems. I think that it is his true passion but it’s one of those private passions, a secret interest. He only shares them with a few people and I’m lucky enough to be one of them. His poems have never been published probably because he hasn’t had the courage to believe that they were good enough. I believe they are good enough. I believe that you are good enough DAD. So I would like to publish you first poem/Ashton Kutcher


The farmers are busy. The woolies are hunkerin in. A hint of smoke in the crisp night air.
Been awhile. The ritual never changes, with the coming of the Beast.

The advantage of outside eyes, the preparatory tasks are amazing.
But then, I was them. In a different time.

We must prepare for the Beast on a daily basis,
But still harvest and share the bountiful gift that was given.

Will I challenge the Beast?
Bring it on MF, I'm a midwest Boy

Life is Good.

I imagine what we all hear when the Beast is read, is a feeling that is quick and direct. Used in this way, we each may relive the Beast that has been in our lives off and on, for as long as we can remember is as real as the gray hairs on my head.

I love Mr Kutcher's poem. Would love to read more. Reminds me of Billy Collins and I adore Billy Collins. Bad words aside, it came to me as a breath of fresh air when I needed one bad. While the beast theme is the first to hit you, the next part is as sweet as they come...

We must prepare for the Beast on a daily basis,
But still harvest and share the bountiful gift that was given.

Truer words were never spoken. The bible says when, not if. We each have Beast thoughts that we pray desperately, never come true. The truth is we hear about our Moments having to be lived out and endured in Real Life through others and that is why we worry, because we know - it could be our turn, next.

We will have to live with the Beast and the Bounty, everyday for the rest of our lives. We have to walk the line between disaster and delight with every step we take. Puts quite a bit of responsability on us, doesn't it? Not exactly a place for it on our everyday to do list. Yet, we would be wise to prepare, harvest and share on a daily basis. It was given to us as a gift, now it is time to us to share what we have with those who have been given to us...


1.The aggregate of past events.
History repeats itself if we don’t learn from its mistakes.
Holes in your pant pockets turn your coins into history.

2.The branch of knowledge that studies the past; the assessment of notable events.
He teaches history at the university.
History will not look kindly on these tyrants.
He dreams of an invention that will make history.

3.(computing) A record of previous user events. I visted a great site yesterday but forgot the URL; oh! ... luckily I didn't clear my history.

So many kinds of history not just the one we all learned in high school which we were at the mercy of whoever got to write the textbooks with their personal slant or agenda. I imagine if I read a 6th grade history book on Abraham Lincoln today, it would include much I didn't know and maybe even some stuff that wasn't true. Sounds semi-paranoid but the only history I really trust is the one I know firsthand.

We all have history with people, places and things that affect our everyday lives. From the doctors we go to, to the stores we shop and to the friends and family we visit with. Our daily lives take cues from our personal history and no amount of input from someone else's history will sway us, if we already have our own. If we ask someone about their history with x, y or z, we may go that direction based on their information. If it is a good experience, we will share with other. Ok, we will share with others - NO MATTER WHAT but it will either have a positive or negative theme and then it is packed away in our history minds for total recall whenever deemed necessary.

I admit, I am not terribly interested in most of the world's history. The History Channel only plays on DH's TV, I have mentally blocked it on the other one. I know I am missing a lot that might change my mind but that is a risk I am willing to take and will stay with Grey's Anatomy and Outsourced. There is plenty of history in my everyday life that I have to live with and not room for much more.

Now, Genesis and Job are another matter. There is Some Great Stuff right there. This explains my today life and affects my tomorrow life. The Stories of Adam and Eve is like no other. All of think we could and would have done a better job even our crazy relatives. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? God didn't use big words - just don't do this one thing - who couldn't follow those instructions without using a lot of brain power! Job, on the other hand. had it a bit tougher in many ways. Not only in experience but some pretty, bad advice from friends. Who know what would have happened if he had a empty garden and could have had time to think?

History, a big part of who we are and in turn, who we will be. Pay attention when you can...


We had a lot going on this weekend. The fall carnival at school on Friday night where our primary responsibility was to man the fishing booth,which we took very seriously until we were relieved by teenagers. In between we tried to see how many tickets we could buy and spend as fast as possible. I kept reminding the kids that the Cakewalk game needed some ticket Love but gave up that dream when I found out that it was only one cupcake per winner. WHAT KIND of cakewalk is that! Thinking of running for PTO president next year, specializing the all things cake!

Saturday was the birthday party scene and we had two of them to go to.. 85 and 18, quite a spread to get your mind around. One knowing that most of her birthdays are behind her and the other, getting ready to party like a rock star.

Both had cake and you got more than a cupcake size. DH got to visit with his aunt and cousins. All the cousins are now of retirement age so the conversations swirled around when and when. Aunt C is the only surviving sibling and while she is as spry as can be, every birthday is a big deal now. Did I mention,there was a lot of cake?Shelbie is just starting out. A rave to celebrate her HIPAA-age. Still a child but privacy is now on her side. She is a premier soccer player and has the college tuition to show it. Heading off to OS next fall, she is ready to go. Good cake and I was offered seconds.

Walked away with some awesome pics, not of faces but of places. Places we have been, seen and are going, I left the documenting up to the families and took the shots that would tell the back story. There were a lot of back Stories this weekend. Some made me laugh, many made me cry. You may imagine I am talking about the one who has lived for 85 years but that would not be the case even though she has a wonderful Story to tell. You can live a lot of life in 18 years. Thank you both of sharing your cake with me - I will never forget it...

PS Dear PTO, I will be available most days to help you fill in the cake blanks... One cupcake, really? Sincerely KGM nana.

the end of fall...

I love me my Fall season and am also very specific about it. Totally all about the first part of fall when the days are warm and the evenings, just border on chilly. It is magical to me. Still California with a hint of Minnesota, on its way. It turns Winter for me far before the calendar makes that leap. Soon, the rain will come and the warm will be gone. Could happen in a week or overnight so I am very aware that my days are numbered...in more ways than one.

I learn to live in the Moment more, every time this year. It will soon be time to fire up the gas logs because the chill will become more than my blanket will be able to handle. My shorts will have to be put away. Right now, go back and forth between long sleeved and short sleeved shirts, the shorts are always the last to go. Shorts and flip flops. This year, I want fall to last longer. Pretty sure I am not going to get my wish, Mother Nature is quite fickle.

Pictures are taking for christmas cards and halloween is a few short weeks away. Having delightful Halloween weather is a crap shoot here. We stay at the house and the kids go to a few houses to trick or treat. No matter what the weather, we will have a great time. The school carnival is tomorrow night, let's hope that the wonderful warm we have had all week, stays for one more day because the weatherman says, change is on its way. Love ya Fall, thanks again for a most wonderful time. You surely have to be one of God's angels - you tell his Story so well...

3 questions...

1. What is my crack of choice?
2. What persona am I desperate for people to believe?
3. What am I willing to do for the rest of my life?

It is hard living in my hear. I read too much and different philosopies feel free to stay and visit for a while. These three have made themselves to home this week so I must answer to get them to move on.

Crack of choice - we all have Something. Something we don't want to do without. Maybe be a substance, person, idea, activity or fill in the box labeled other. Would venture to say, I would have something in each column that I could take ownership of. The last couple days it has been photo editing. Can't get enough and the high can't be beat.

Persona - this one is a bit more personal and tougher to answer. What do I want people to walk away from meeting me , to think about who I am. If I think back over the last year or so, I would have to say tough and deep. I would die if they thought I like to chit chat. Why do I feel that way? What is the reward for wanting to be a smart ass because there is one. As sure I am typing this, there is a huge payoff.

What do I want to do for the rest of my life? That is easy. I want to keep taking pictures of these wonderful little people and go for ice cream. If Disney World is ever on the table, I am in. My expectations are few, now if I could only get my wants under control...


In Lightroom, they are called presets. The cool thing is you can very simply apply the same preset, to different photos. One would think that a black and white photo would be pretty simple but until you start post processing photos, you have no idea how many variations of black and white there are.

Same presets applied to each of these photos and look how different they are. Two were taken at the same location and the other one, under similar conditions. Here is what I am getting at - we have a hard time understanding each other when it comes to God and who he is. There have been wars, large and small over what he looks like to what he would do. As I processed these photos, I thought about all our differences and how amazing it is that we ever can agree on anything and why more bible studies don't end in fist fights.

The truth is, he looks different to each of us. There is no way we will ever agree on most things. Each of our experiences forms who we are and what we believe and those opinions are very, very strong. I imagine that Jesus means it to be that way of he would have cleared that up, pretty quick. So, it falls to us to learn to live together, accepting those things about each other that we can't change and having the wisdom to know, what our journey is to look like. That is what I am learning as Jesus gets bigger in my life. Less to defend, nothing to prove. He is who he says he is and he is working in your life and my life. Different paths, different scenery and different experiences. We are to share our different, not defend it. We are to follow our own path, not the path of others. Love em and let them go. Share what you have seen not jump on their journey. This is tougher to do than to type.

This little exercise has helped me more than I can say. To see it in black and white, is right up my alley. Need to remember this next time those feelings come rushing back. Each of these photos are wonderful on their own. They don't have to match, or compete. The light is different in each one....It always come back to the Light, doesn't it?

make yourself at home...

Maybe even more than 80% of the, I love you's, we all say - make yourself at home, may be the most important thing you can say to someone. It is the one you say when you are on your own, personal home turf, and the one you are saying it to, is not. What a way to give of yourself and share what you have, with one who is passing through and journey-bound.

I got the opportunity to do that late, last week. From picking her up at the airport to spending the next 20 or so hours with her, it was a complete and total joy. Although we had never met in Real Life, we already knew each other's Stories and it felt like home to me.

When we brought her suitcases into the house, I told her, Make yourself at home. Some one had said that to me this year and I know how it made me feel. For a small amount of time, anyone who shares their space with you so openly, puts you at ease. You are essentially telling them, mi casa, es su case - my house is your house. You are giving them permission to join your family, be one with us. I truly think it is hospitality done well and I think, for many different reasons, being hospitable is thought of as a gift, not something that everyone can do. I can vouch for that, many years ago DH and I took a What Are Your Spiritual Gifts class, and he scored the highest in hospitality, If you know him, you would understand.

My friend and I talked for hours and if she could have stayed, we would have talked for more. Sometimes, you just get lucky. I was the luckiest girl on the earth last week. I will not forget our time together. Thank you Jesus, for showing me how to make myself at home with you which taught me to share with others. Love you C! Thank you Jesus...

Pink Glove Dance, the sequel...

For Miss M who kept the Pink Glove Dance alive in our family. Dare you to not shake your groove thing and know what it is like to live in the Moment...

growing up...

After our annual family fall shoot, we decided it was our 6th time.

This guy was just a young teen when we started, his sister even younger. There would be groans every year to get this less than an hour photo ops, on the calendar. I remember most of these shoots had collective sighs and lots of texting in between. They are good kids, just not into the smile and shoot thing.

This year, was different. This year, the kids were relaxed, made suggestions and acted like they had no place to be. I didn't see one cell phone. I saw them enjoying themselves. Their mommy is a photographer so I took shots of her taking her own kids pictures. I love that. In just under an hour, we had family photos but maybe even the bigger thing was watching these kids grow into themselves. They have become adults in their own right and now, I think understand how important these annual photos are to their mom. I am so proud of them!

I don't know how many more years we will be taking these fall photos but even if things change, I can't wait for the day my friend's grandbabies start coming along and I am going to beg for the chance to take pictures of her taking their pictures. Growing up isn't always fun, change isn't always fun but Sometimes, it is absolutely fabulous...

69 days...

33 miners
19-63 years of age
69 days underground,
an unprecedented rescue.

With our instant gratification technology, we are watching with the rest of the world, something we have never seen. An unprecendented rescue with hope that all will go well for more than 48 hours, until everyone is out and safe.

As I write this, the first man, a paramedic has reached the other 33 men. It is the first human these men have seen in a very long time. It will still be a while before we see the first trapped miner come to the surface but tensions are already running high. The father of the first man to be rescued has raced to the capsule site to wait to see the son he has had to live without for so long.

They are not out of the woods yet. There are so many places where this could go wrong. Things that could dislodge rocks as the capsule's goes up and down the 1/2 mile shaft. Now, we wait. We wait with all the families for a good outcome. We wait and hope each man has a successful re-entry. We wait...


13 minutes...That is how long I waited for the train to move today. When I pulled up, I was the only one there. At least 10 cars had turned back because the train wasn't moving but for me, the detour was too far and I had time. Time to wait. Car after car would come up behind me and turn around. I just sat there entertaining myself with the radio and the graffiti on the rail cars around me. And thought about the Chilean miners who may see daylight tomorrow for the first time since August 5.

Originally, it was said they would be lucky to get out by Christmas, then Thanksgiving and now, in the next few days. They have been training them to face the media. Many already have book and movie deals. Some, like the guy with a wife and girlfriend waiting for him, have some explaining to do. There are counselors standing by to reunite the families and help the miners transition back to their new normal. There is an order as to who comes out first to last - not sure how that was decided. Makes my 13 minutes look a bit puny.

As I stared at the train, thinking about life and the minors, I asked myself the question, What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for to pass?
What are you waiting for to happen?
What are you waiting for before you move?

Not sure of the answers to any of those questions but do think that at any given time, we are all waiting for Something, that is causing us to do nothing. Waiting for the green light to proceed to take the next step is always a bit challenging and scary. We don't always use our waiting time to its full potential and then we are caught off guard when the train starts to move. Caught off guard, we're not sure hope to proceed but the guy honking behind us makes it clear, it is time to go.

Checking to see where I am waiting and if it is time to make a move. Maybe it iwll be a long term wait, some kinds of waits are open ended. Some are self induced, knowing how to tell the difference is priceless. Might might need only 13 minutes, some over 2 months and some, well it might just take forever...

happy o meter...

What brings each of us happiness is over the top, subjective. A few pictures does it for me. My happy o meter goes just goes wild.

What makes your happy o meter go wild? Not talking about food, shopping or things we all need 12 step programs to get over. Just those things that bring a small amount of temporary pleasure to our souls.

Because happiness does look so different to each of us, it is impossible to give a recipe, cookie cutter, fool proof avenue to help someone find theirs. When done correctly, happiness is acknowledged as a temporary feeling and should be treated as such. Trying to keep happiness as a default state of being is not only inappropriate, it is dangerous. Very dangerous. To be content with where we are and who we are with intermittent times of little bits of happiness is the best there is. Enjoy them throughly and don't hold on too tight...


Say what you want about college football, and all the politics that come with it - when you come to the Broncos, Coach Pete has consistently said, One game at a time.

Listened to Coach Pete and a few of the players on the radio last night, coming home after the game. One of the players interviewed is a friend of mine's son. Have know him all my life. What I see is Shea is what I have seen in other BSU players - they have taking Coach Pete's words to heart. One Game At A Time. It is a pretty humble bunch of young guys who are learning skills that will work well for them long after they leave football.

One game at a time. There is Something each of us could learn, has nothing to do with football.

One game at a time.
One test at a time.
One person at a time.

One day at a time. The Big Picture really is, one game at a time. It is not about where we are going to be in five years, it is about where we are today. What are we doing today? Who are we loving today? What is important today?

Not monumental in theory but obviously tough to pull off. Maybe we should take Coach Pete's words to heart. Go Broncos!


If all of life could be lived out in a series of recipes, it would still be hit and miss. While there is Something comforting about being able to follow a list of known ingredients with a high degree of assurance of success, there is still a part of us that wnats to wander off the beaten path.

We would all agree that for the most part, our perception is that any given recipe has been tested and retested before given out. I think we could also assume with some degree of confidence that said recipe would not only turn out nicely but also be quite tasty.

But the truth is, recipes don't always turn out or taste good. Ever try to make your husband's mother favorite spaghetti recipe and can't because it is Chef Boyardee in a box (True Story)?

I am a recipe follower, at least until I am comfortable and then I may do some tweeking. Some need it and some are perfect the way they are. This Pecan Pie Muffins from Tasty Kitchen are perfect and easy. I wish I had a recipe that would take you through life so that you could avoid all the ruts and pitfalls that will come your way. I can't but I can share this to help the journey be a delicious one!

Pecan Pie Muffins

1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup melted butter
2 eggs

Mix pecans, bronw sugar and flour. Beat eggs with a fork, and add melted butter. Mix wet ingredients into dry. Fill muffin tin 2/3 full. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min.

fall break...

The kids are off this week so we have been experiencing marathon sleepovers. Started with Keaton on Sunday. Keaton is our mall rat. That is where he likes to go and look around. He has his favorites and See's candies is always a must stop. This was also his first time at an Apple store and that didn't hurt my feelings.

Monday was Gage's turn. After a photo op at Cabela's, directed by Gage in various parts of the store and with many of his special friends, he too, wanted to head to the mall. We do have enough photos and video to start a blog for him and sounds like that is what he is planning - God help us! Anyway, the mall...

He wanted to see the Apple store too so off we went but not before going in and out of most stores at the mall at a pace that could only be descibed as Lance Armstrong-ish. The dude had me running, finally landing at The Big White Store. He LOVED the Apple store. He loved it as much as Keaton, if not more. He couldn't believe you could play Angry Birds as much as you wanted to. There must be Something about the whiteness of an Apple store that welcomes you, begs you to stay. Discussed the value of a Touch with my favorite salesgirl and can home with a list of new apps to check out. Gage is my iPad freak boy. To watch him on the iPad is magic. There is wonder in watching a child and how natural technology comes to them. They never have any questions and seem to know it all effortlessly - blows me away.

After the movies today, it will be Morgan's turn. No Apple store for her. It will be about babies and ice cream. She informed me yesterday that she is going to ask Santa for a baby sister for Christmas. First, she was praying to God for a sister, now Santa. I am afraid, very very afraid and tired. Very, very tired!


Bliss is the name of a Windows bitmap image included with Microsoft Windows XP, produced from a photograph of a landscape in Sonoma County, California, southeast of Sonoma Valley near the site of the old Clover Stornetta Inc. Dairy.[1][dead link] The image contains rolling green hills and a blue sky with stratocumulus and cirrus clouds. The image is used as the default computer wallpaper for the "Luna" theme of Windows XP. Photograph used as Windows XP default wallpaper and a followup photograph 10 years later. 1996 and 2006./Photojojo.

While I didn't need Photojojo to tell me what I already knew - nothing that lives is immune to change. All I have to do is pass a mirror and I am made fully aware that time is marching on, faster than I would like to admit. Yet I find the differences between the two photos, fascinating.

The thing that is the toughest to comprehend is that in my mind with no visual aids, I feel like a kid. Dh feels the same way. We often compare notes and are amazed that feel the same way. DD is getting to an age where she can start to understand what her parents have been telling her. Maybe it has something to do with having her own child in jr high. Her parents seem to get smarter the older she she gets.

The phone rang a few nights ago and it was Harma, our exchange student who spent a year with us 20 years ago. She came to us in the fall and left the following year after graduation. She now has 2 beautiful children of her own, a job and still manages to look us up. We talked about then and now and are equally amazed at where we are now. Change and bliss all rolled into one, now if we could make that our default, how happy would that be?

ode to Miss Kat...

She has got me hooked on night shooting. It was our sleepover with Keaton so we hit the streets of our town after 8pm to do some damage. Imagine our surprise when our favorite coffee shop was closed - took the wind out of our sails, I tell ya.

Keaton graciously agreed to be my model so we started down alleys and side streets looking for light. The world looks much different at night. Not one to frequent outside much, this is a whole new world to me. I am the one who has her PJ's on early. Not the one who loves the nightlife and likes to boogie, at least not until now. God helps us if we go there.

It is a bit scary. We were on the phone to Keaton's mommy every so often to reassure her which Keaton was not helpful with. Yes, we passed a few bars and there were some scary people out but felt completely safe. So safe that to get these shots through the trees, I was laying down shooting up from the sidewalk. The boys were laughing at me but I got the shot I was after. So worth it, even with the sound of male ha ha's in the background.

Seeing the world through a different perspective is never a bad thing. It is good for us to shake things up. I am in awe of what my camera is teaching me. Imagine what else I am may be missing - class is in session, where am I? Pay attention and you may see even more.

I see many more night trips. DH is more than willing even without a Sonic or Dairy Queen run... but a little bribery goes a long way and Miss Kat, if you are ever in my neck of the woods, you have a standing offer for the same...

good rest...

It was a sudden decision to take the week off. Nothing I had contemplated for more than a few seconds and in the end, it was so right...

Took much time to think and process. Worked thru some things and got some answers. Not in ways I expected but isn't that how God works?

I learned that many times the things that drive me crazy are about people is when their God is too small. To put Him in a box, is to not understand who He is. God doesn't need us to continually play defense, He wants us to play offense. He is big enough to take the hits. He sees the world way bigger than we do. We have our boxes and put people, religions, beliefs all nice and cozy in boxes without even considering - we may not have it right. Just like football, there are separate teams for defense and offense and we each have to pick one. I have played defense, putting people in boxes, deciding by their actions, politics and views or putting people, places and things down, in the name of Jesus. Leave it up to Jesus. The truth is we really don't know His mind and we need to start acting like it.

Ode to Ms Kat! She got me hooked on natural night photography and now I want to go out every night. Never would have imagined going to the pumpkin patch at night. It is a whole new world. Thank you Miss Kat!

Imagine my surprise when I checked out Pioneer Woman's site yesterday to find Miss Hayley and kgmnana in the Group#3 photo group. I was truly, over the moon happy! Every once in a while, it is just so fun. Couldn't have done it without her. Hayley, you so rock, Girl! Thank you.

Ready for a new week! October, I am so glad to see you...