comedian or actor...

Comedian or actor.
A comedian wants to be himself, studies himself.
An actor wants to be anyone but himself. Jerry Seinfeld.

I am a so a comedian.

Jerry goes on to ask Howard Stern in the latest CCC if therapy could help him.
Jerry answers, What could I possibly be better at?

I think it says Something about how we take in information. In a TED talk this week, the speaker basically explained that said when we take in information we filter it either through the past, present or future. Those who choose the future, scored higher in IQ test and generally lead better lives. The test given to kids was you can have one marshmallow now, or 2, later. There is no question in my mind, none, that I would have been in the group that said, Now. I had learned even as a kid that when food was offered, you took it. You didn't know when your next meal was coming. Had my experience been different with regular scheduled meals that any kid could count on, things might have been different.

Even if it were not the case, I would always take comedian or actor. I would always, always take the funny Road, no matter where it lead. That is how I am wired, that is how I process and I can't imagine it any other way...