We all believe in Something. You many or may not, call it God but make no mistake, you have a belief even if it is to not believe.

Saw 2 documentaries last night and they couldn't have appeared to be more different. Johnny Carson and Steve Jobs. Yet, their Stories are very similar. They both had ferocious tempers. When Joan Rivers made the choice to not tell Johnny Carson about her TV deal with Fox, he never spoke to her again. She tried to apologize by phone but he hung up on her. He had made her a permanent guest host and she very well might have gone on to host the Tonight Show but their entire relationship was over in a second.

The same Stories are told of Steve Jobs and his less than stellar ideas on how to treat people. It was said that Carl Sagan was a very good friend of Johnny. It would lead one to believe that you could imagine with a bit of accuracy where his belief system was. Steve Jobs was so sure that he could cure his pancreatic cancer with diet that it would be too late to get help when he decided that he could not.

Everybody believes in Something.

And you might as well be all in. Go big or go home. Give it everything you have got. After all, you believe it, right.

Doesn't matter what the circumstances are. Circumstances are fluid, they are always changing. Your belief doesn't change, it is your reaction to it that is the key to where your affections lie. Choose wisely, make sure that is your final answer and then, go. Go and see if what you have invested everything for, holds up. If it does not, keep looking, keep asking. Don't give up. Ever...