15 avenue garden...

Right smack dab in the middle of family neighborhood on church owned property. 22 raised beds, they have been getting ready to plant. Here we say, never plant before Mothers Day and it looks like these millennials did their homework.

I am going by every week to track their progress, the neighbors are use to me now. Someone asks, what if someone steals the food? The answer I heard was, great - they probably needed it. An interesting way to look at it, a fresh way of looking at an age old problem.

We all know how gardens work. You start with nothing, prep the land, nourish the soil, water and weed and hopefully, harvest. I wanted to put a visual to the process, hence the photo parade.

Love the addition of flowers early in the process. Two signs, and now, a tee pee. The watering lines look they are ready to go on the beds, just have to be plumbed into the main source. Would be pretty, lousy vegetables without water.