music as prayer...

My prayer life is all over the board. Sometimes it is quiet and in the dark. Sometimes, it is driving down the road and it is overwhelming. For one who loves music, one of my favorites is to pray during music. For whoever comes to mind.

This week, Mark Schultz's, You Are A Child of Mine came on my ipod and immediately it was dedicated to two guys. As the lyrics played, the prayer just got stronger and stronger.

This is for Sam and Brian. Heal their hearts and make them whole.

This kind of prayer isn't about results. Most of my prayers are not about results. I may be missing the boat but this is the only way I know. I lift these people up and smile, knowing God is hearing me and whatever that looks like, I am good with. It is where my faith may be the strongest. They belong to him, I am just asking for a day's blessing.

And everytime the Hallelujah chorus comes on, I turn my palms up, and soak it all it. Every last bit and whatever happens, happens.

Just being open to put music, people in a prayer, is enough for me. There is such a freedom and there is never a time that someone doesn't come to mind. He is so good. So very, very good...