In a perfect world,
There would be unequal parts of happiness and grief.
You might start in the unhappiness arena, but you would know,
The good stuff is on the way.
It is not a perfect world.

A perfect world.
If you asked 10 people what that would look like,
You would get 10 different answers. 100. 1000. A million.
Same answer. All different, some would even be total opposites.
Cats. No cats.
Root beer. No root beer.
Trees and rain, Seattle. Sun and surf, California.
There is no perfect world.
No perfect job, church, or family or people.
There is just us, and we are capable of the unspeakable.
There is however, a imperfect world.
An uneven split of happiness and grief.
It is the world we live in,
Everyday. It never goes away.
Until it does. Then, no do overs.
No returning with fresh eyes,
And the greatest desire, to make amends.
Do your best today,
With what you have.
Love the best you can.
Listen the best you can
Live the best you can.