The committee picks a team way before I am aware and by the time I am aware, I think was a team of my choosing. I am well aware that there is a committee that runs the show and I am but a lowly press secretary. I hold daily briefing several times a day and the news is as fresh to me as to those who have gathered to hear. I am Miss Figure Head. I represent the committee in the tone and manner as they have conveyed their collective thoughts, action, and opinions. Sometimes I don't agree with the committee. I push back even though I know it is in vain. They don't always know best but their control is undeniable. In a strange way, I trust them. They include all parts of me. It appears that no one has an monopoly, equal say for all. They have discussed, argued, offered approval and rejection of ideas and throughly know all the options. They have agreed on a POV and then, and only the, is it shared with me at the pre briefing. I am given the information, no discussion on how said info had come into being. No questions are taken, nor supplementary memos included. Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. This whole thing happens hundreds of times a day. I have come to respect the committee. They were the ones that talked about Jesus when I was not interested. Again, they didn't ask for my opinion or imput. I suddenly found myself at the daily briefing, hearing myself say. I believe in Jesus. I believe in the Trinity. I believe Jesus was the Son of God and He died for my sins. At the podium, all hell had broke loose but I keep on. I took no questions at that particular at that briefing. I need to collect my thought and process what I had just said.