Miss B is part of our extended family.
She is 8 years old.
She has been diagnosed with aplastic anema.

We are praying. For her, her parents, her brother. This is not how life is suppose to be. Children are suppose to be able to run and jump and play, not isolated in a hospital unable to have visitors and to feel awful and scream when anyone with a needle comes close.

We always feel so bad when we hear of someone's child being extremely ill. We also all say the same words to ourselves that we are not proud of, Thank God it isn't my child.

But sometime, it may be you and yours. Then the prayers take on a different meaning, a different urgency. We want to go back to the way things were, before. w ewe do get to sleep at night, we want it to all go away but when we open our eyes, there is it staring us down.

Normal takes on a whole new meaning. Everyone's world goes on, ours spins on a new axel. We are headed in a direction, we didn't ask for and didn't see coming.

Many prayers have gone up for this precious child. Those of desperate parents, of anxious grandparents, of loving family and friends. Some pray for a touch of instant cure, some for strength for parents who have spent countless hours in a hospital and some, to be thankful for the healthy families they have.

I think it is true that God doesn't give you everything you need, until you need it. This very Moment, I pray that Miss B gets everything that God has for her. I pray that her parents feel him hovering over them as they keep watch and I pray that for the rest of us, as we breathe in everything he is...