This is a PSA for the experience of a colonoscopy.

Views expressed are strictly those of my experience, Your experience may differ from mine.

That being said, I never would have gotten a colonscopy, just because I should. Never have been fond of anything, just because I should. I am anti-everything, medical. Scared of needles, you name it, I don't like it.

I fought this for many years. The company DH husband worked for sent monthly reminders to go get one. What they didn't tell you was, they were not going to pay for it.

This time, I couldn't get around, tried as I may. Heard that the prep was the worst. That they made you drink gallons of slightly, thick liquid that might make you vomit and if it did, you would have to do it all over again. And, if you lived through the prep, which was highly unlikely, The procedure was painful.

Here is what I experienced. A 32 oz bottle of Gaterade with a bottle of Miralax which is complelely grit- free and tastless, one day and another, the next day. I can throw back a Route 44 Diet Coke without a second thought. The Prep on both days was a piece of cake.

Yes, what comes next is at best, a bit confining but it too, passes.

The day of the procedure, I was given a gown that covered everything and a warm blanket. Soon, my lovely nurse said she was giving me my happy juice...and then I remember waking up with DH by my side.

All those years of worry and fear, for nothing. The polyp can back benign and will have a followup in a couple of weeks. Found Diverticultis, which may have been giving me fits and will have to adjust my diet accordingly which means no more Route 44 Diet Cokes.

So here's the deal, we spend our lives worried about all sorts of things that never happen. Is there a better way? I hope so. I really, hope so...