It is nonsense to believe that you must agree with someone to treat them with respect. Rick Warren.

We have all done it.

Every single one of us.

No exceptions.

We make instant judgements, every second of every day. It is part of the human experience. I have been guilty of it, my whole life, in one form or another. Sometimes I feel bad about it, sometimes, I don't. A mother who is cruel to her kids in public, you can only imagine what she is like at home. What those kids suffer in silence and not a thing I can do about it.

Easy statement to make, hard to do. Very hard to do. From one who sees the glass as half empty, there comes a whole set of instructions on what is right and wrong. A very strong set of instuctions that I must fight at most every turn. We all have our triggers tripped by different things. It is easier to control once you know your own personal ones, but they never go away. Never.

This goes beyond being polite, this had to do with character. This has to do with being bigger with your triggers, thoughts and ideas. This has to do with moving over into the passengers seat and letting Someone else drive the car. This has to do with giving something up, another thing that does not come naturally and takes a lifetime to learn.

Someone's worth is not up to me or you.
Their value is not ours to determine.
Our only job is treat them with respect, like it or not...