you and me...

The older I get, the more I understand that sharing with each other, is a delicate balance.

Oversharing as well as no sharing are not where we want to find ourselves. Both are telling, both show a lack of balance. TMI, too much information can wear a person out. Never sharing and holding on to everything by yourself, is equally damning.

I have been guilty of dipping a toe in each camp. The details don't maater but over the years, I swing wildly between the two and have not had as much balance as I wish I could confess to.

Do we know when we are out of balance?
Do we know when to share and when to shut up?
Is it possible to live in balance when it comes to sharing?

All I can tell you is that a few weeks ago, I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was to share Something with someone. I had no intention of doing so but when the small, quiet voice is made loud, I knew it was the thing to do.

I also know when I have gone to far in the other direction. We need to share our joys, hurts and understand that people are not our personal problem-solvers. They are sharers of the Journey. They may have advice to offer and they may not. We don't share equally with everyone. Personal issues are held tight by those closest to us. Those who we have shared and have history with. I imagine we all have Stories about sharing going horribly wrong, where we imagine we will never share again. It is part of Life, accept it. This side of heaven, that is what this Journey looks like, is like.

We get a chance to do better every day.
We also know about 2 steps forward, and 3 back.
Do better than the day before...