from the couch of...

The last 10 days have been a blur. First, Miss M gets a fever and will get to keep it for 6 days. It will be alot of nursing and threatening, going on.

Take your medicine, please... Drink more, please... It will end with her daddy offering her a American Girl doll for her effort. She also tells me that she is allowed one, small hissy fit while taking said medicine. She did not disappoint.

I was so proud of myself, staying well. All that healthly eating, is finally paying off. Then comes, The Day. By the end of that first day, I didn't know my name or where I was at. The fever lasted about 12 hours and Miss M and I would spend the next day together. I am seen more 19 and Counting, Good Luck Charlie and The Suite Life, tham ever before all combined, in my life. A couple days in bed at home, and I am starting to feel like my old self, except that I have discovered March Madness and I may not come out until it is over.

What a rush! The idea of you win or go home, is fascinating to me. Doesn't matter what your record has been up to this very date, if you lose, you go home. No do overs. No second chances.
There have been some killer games. One game was won by the team who hadn't lead all day with .2 left on the clock. Unbelievable. March Madness, where have you been on all life?

If not a chance encouter while laying, sprawled across the coach, waiting for some unknown amount of time in which moving might seem possible again. Up and sort of at em, time to return to Real Life... well, maybe, one more game...