everywhere we go...

First we check for wifi service and then we go straight to, You Tube and the BSU Broncos. Yes, he is obsessed. He will watch old bowl games, everything BSU. This was a highlights video of one of his favorite players. He knows the plays, he knows their numbers, he knows his guy.

Doesn't matter that football is done with for a few months, his love knows - no bounds. It is forever, until it isn't.

For most of us, most of the time and for most things... It is forever, until it isn't.

People, places, things. Emotions, feelings, thoughts.

It is forever, until it isn't.

A baby who parents were killed on the way to the hospital, died today. Can only imagine their last thoughts were all about him and then, they weren't. Got myself all twisted up in a bunch because the local school district has decided to go back to outside granduations at all three high schools. Because of a mistake, their mistake and now parents and teens have to suffer. Maybe they should cough up the $12,000 needed to rent the Big Arena so everyone can attend. I have been to an outside graduation at one of these schools. The weather was brutal and it was tough on everyone. Your mistake, you take the blame not the kids. Right now, I am still riled up. It is forever, until it isn't.

Forever in the short term, it should have its own word. We are a passionate people, yes, some more than others and we meant it when we say forever. Forever always looks like a long, winding road but the truth it, it could be over in seconds...