I know very little about smoke or the Catholic Church. Have gleamed a bit from friends and family over the years. Smoke has traditionally been sent to other body parts, and the little I know about the Catholic Church, is incomplete.

But I must say, the whole conclave, choosing a new leader is fascinating. There is very little pomp and circumstance in our lives these days. It is all about social media where word travels faster than at any other time in history. There is no rushing to choose a pope, it is all about the smoke. And waiting, is at the very essence, something most of us do little of anymore.

Shortly after the noon news started, networks broke in with the announcement that white smoke could be seen coming from the Sistine Chapel, followed quickly by the ringing of the bells, leaving no one in doubt, a new pope had been choosing. As I waited with those on TV and in Vatican Square, it was a stark reminder that not everything can be known by social media. There were not hints of who the new pope would be. For a few short hours, it was even implied that an American could be chosen, I was rooting for Cardinal Doyle!

But alas, at the time of their choosing, the new Argentin pope appeared. It was nice to see a pope who appeared in good health, able to lead a church of over a billion people. The last couple popes seemed to be circling the drain and with all the changes in the world, not able to keep up, pay attention and lead. This pope, seems to have crossed that barrier.

He took the name Francis. Named after Francis of Assisi. I like that, think I would pick that for my name.

The smoke, the bells, the tradition. One can always learn, and be thankful for those things which enrich our lives. Welcome Pope Francis...