Nancy Pelosi said in Time magazine that her seventh grandchild asked her on Labor Day weekend, Yes, on the war in Syria or no, on the war in Syria?

Keaton had just turned two the summer before. He will not remember as well as Gage and Morgan who were yet to come.

I will never forget. Every Sept 11, I watch MSNBC and watch the Story unfold, yet once again. Knowing what I know, I wait for Matt Lauer and Katie Couric to understand what is happening.

I was 12 when Presidant Kennedy was assassinated. I remember very little. Too busy trying to survive the Everyday. Who was President was a low priority and later, when I realized that the family was deep-rooted Republicans, it made sense.

Anyone who was 10, should remember this day and teach it to those who can't. The hate and destruction we can have toward each other, can never be doubted or downplayed. To all those who gave their lives and those who did it willingly, I thank you and so do many more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service. May God bless you all...