Long time listerner, first time caller...

That may define an introvert, in a nutshell. Yet, those words would never leave my lips, yet I might live them out, on occasion.

Made a bold move last week. Heard a little whisper, and went with it. It was not a big thing, unless you are me. Some places I am bold, don't mess with my family. I have learned that God can defend him self, that is not my job. In making my bold move, I was also good about the outcome, whatever that looked liked. A dear friend use to say, all we have to do is the right thing whether it is accepted or rejected. Not our call. Our call is in doing our part.

A lots of lives get all mixed up because they are not doing their part, and doing everybody else's part. If you just had five people not doing their part, imagine the mess you would have. Multiple that by a classroom, a church, a town hall meeting. You get the idea.

We need to show up. We can't always be the listener. Sometimes, we have to step in up and be the caller. Make the bold move, regardless of the outcome. Obviously, I have listened to too much radio. Yet, you hear this line, over and over again. Long time listener, first time caller, got Something to say?