good choices...

Sometimes, we want what we want, when we want it.

She loved her makeup face that her mommy, the Makeup Queen did for her during the game last Sunday. She would wear it all the time, if you let her. Did she look beautiful? Of course she did but the photo I took the next day, was way more beautiful and no makeup. She will look like this soon enough, all the time. Girls and makeup have always been and will always be but in between the always and will be comes the idea of good choices. At this Moment, her parents are making most of her choices, from what she wears to what she eats to who she sees. With each year, those choices are less her parents and more, hers. One day, they will be totally hers and everything her parents taught her, will be evident.

We are all a bad choice away from disaster in our own lives.
Good choice, bad choice, it is entirely up to each of us.
We also live with the consequences of those choices.

So it is simple, go out there and make good choices today. Even if it doesn't make you happy or giddy. Even if you have somehow have gotten it into your head that you deserve it. If we all got what we deserved, it wouldn't be cupcakes and roses. Do your best, that is all anyone asks. Good luck...