back and mind, still full...

Taking time off looks alot like normal life. Always have my little notebook handy, always have Something to I want to remember but the main difference is letting my mind wander. Being a left brained thinker, you would think that wandering wouldn't be my thing and that would make us, both wrong.

Creative time is not only doing but in the not doing. It need idle time. Time to do nothing, like when you are trying really hard to remember Something and it doesn't come until you have let your brain off the hook for a few minutes, then your answer comes, naturally.

Love the feeling when you have a thought and lose it before you get to paper, have done that more than once this week. To all those forgotten thoughts, Come Back, I miss you! To all those that stayed, I thank you. You are warm and fuzzy and bring such joy.

Here are some, in no particular order. May hear more about these in the days to come or they were just meant for a fleeting Moment. Regardless, they are friends, to the end.

Putting the cart before the horse
Doctor Google
Have you killed him yet?
My Rec Center friends
Crinimal Minds, no more
Moving from the driver to passenger seat
Slipping through the cracks
Get what you thought you wanted.