My girl and the gk are masters. I can not believe what they find. Gage is still in his UnderArmour phase. I would not bet much money that one would find UA at Goodwill and I would be wrong.

So, we all go to GW on Saturday and they say, with every confidence imaginable, Nana, lets find you some UA! It went without saying that is had to be black. That is an understood given.

I must admit, I am now into UA. Having texture issues myself, when it is hot outside, cotton is my worst enemy. I cringe at the thought of putting it on and don't tolerate it at all, hence the UA feel is where I am not. Not a snob, will wear other brands that have the same feel and until yesterday, didn't own one piece of UA. That all has changed.

Gage was on the hunt. It didn't take him too long to find the first piece. It wasn't quite right so off he went to look again. It was but a couple of Moments when he found it. Right there, just waiting for us. black, UA and it fit like a glove.

He kept telling me, You have to be patient, Nana, You have to keep looking.
He went on to find a piece for Papa too. And a jersey for himself. I always, always learns so much from them - who knew it would include Goodwill!...