Will you still need me?

Today is someone's 64th Bday. I ask him if he was going to sing this old Beatle song to me this morning, he didn't think he would. Said he already has been 64 in his mind for a while. He knew that 64 and retirement would be going, hand in hand so the leap was made, with little fan fare which means, no song for me.

As we started our retirement exercise program this morming, we are both trying to learn as much as possible. Him with his unsatisable, 100% curosity and me with my very little 20% sense of curosity.

We walk the greenbelt to the end and wanted to know what road we were on. Nothing looked familiar. We walked to the first street sign but it only gave the cross street. He took a few guesses but I wasn't convinced so we walked clear down to a second sign and found our bearings. This time it was me who kept us going. Curosity drove me to keep going, and figure it out while he followed. Usually, that is not the case.

The song still holds,
Will you still need me? Yes
Will you still feed me? Yes
When I'm 64...