It never gets any easier... Miss Shelli

I read Miss Shelli's words and so agreed even when I had no idea how they would apply to me in just a few days.

With a diagnosis and meds for BP and diabetes, everything changed in an instant and that was the first day of retirement. It became obvious that either I was going to get on board or be in Really Big Trouble. After consulting all the personalities, made the choice to grow up which meant big lifestyle change. Joined the Rec Center and today, on Day 4, walking over 2 miles. Have changed my diet and with a nausea from the meds, have little desire for most anything. My goal is to get off both meds by September, if that is possible and then, keep up the routine.

Time and testing will tell if this is doable but for right now, it is Something. Decided this morning to focus on what I could do and not all the things I had no control over. With no health insurance and pensions not kicking in for a few months, I have enough to worry about but I can't go there. I do have control over getting my exercise done every day and watching what I eat. That is where my focus has to be and there it will stay.

Have always hated exercise. Always done it at home, never thinking my introvert self would ever take my show on the road. We made the decision because of weather and safety. We can go together, anytime of day and enjoy the freedom of being in a climate control, safe place and that is a good thing.

Miss Shelli's words go with me every day. I know there will come a day when I couldn't get the miles done in the morning and my get up and go, got up and went. I will have to remember that somethings just don't get any easier and we do them anyway. That is what grown ups do. Time to grow up...