BIG changes...

Last week it was the announcement that women would be able to serve in combat. This week, the Post Office.

There are those making the claim that there are many people who wait for junk mail as a source of socializing. The claim was that some would suffer dramatically if mail was not delieverd on Saturday. I think those who are claiming this, need to be put out to pasture. You can say what you want, but Sometimes, can you not hear yourself and make some corrections before the words leave your mouth?

If the Post Office wants to play the We Will Take Away Your Saturday Delivery card, most people will say, Fine. Just because we have had it for over 150 years, doesn't mean our lives, as we know them, will fall apart. We all realize, Something had to change with the whole mail thing. Those who feel like they are missing out, can pace themselves and save some mail to look over on Saturday and Sunday. As go newspapers, dry cleaners and Hostess cupcakes, we all must sacrifice and learn a new path.

I told Gage last night that when he gets to be an old man, he could share his Saturday morning mail experience with his kids who will have had no idea what he is talking about. His answer, We get mail on Saturdays?

Point. Match. Game.