Bridal shower...

The instructions are given by best friend/hostess for the first game.

Write one memory of you and the bride, do not say your name.

Further instructions would include, don't sweat it. Something easy.

Immediately I had mine. It always comes to me quickly, it is the Blink theory by Malcolm Blackwell. Fits me to a tee. Basically those like me, process information instantly and come up with an answer. It is not always right, true, kind or just but it comes in an instant.

The bride has been in school in Portland for the last few years so my exposure to her has been hit and miss yet I still feel a bit of a connection. FB, info from her mom and others, you get the picture but in an instant I knew what my card would say.

You will always be Miss M to me... She guessed me instantly. When we have history with someone, it never really goes away and obviously can be recalled, in an instant. She connected almost everyone to their comments. We even learned about shenanigians she and her friends pulled in high school, never revealed until the shower. Why you would a small someone in a dryer and even turn if on, seemed like something that would be shared as an oops. I think it might have been.

Interestingly enough, the one comment she could not connect the dots to was the person with whom she has had the shortest history with, her almost new MIL. Like it or not, we run a tight ship in our memories and they take time to mature and then, recall in a Moment's Notice.

It was a beautiful shower. The food, the decorations, the laughs... It was a great time. Congrats M&M. May your memories be tight, may you travel light and hold on to each other. Love and be loved. Share, play, dream and bake. Wish you all the best, Miss M...XO