Prayer is so fluid. There are guidelines but no way is right or wrong. I remember being told that you had to get up one hour early in the morning, before the day's activities. It was implied that any other way or time frame would be less effective. There are lessons on proper prayer positions, and how to start and finish. I use to read everything I could get my hands on about prayer and then tried so hard to do it, that way. These days, to me prayers looks and feels so different. None of the many things I have read are incorporated in my prayer life today. I go on a wing and a prayer and am as fluid as fluid can be.

I love, love night prayers. It is dark, and cool and the noises have all settled in for the night. I am left alone to pray or really worship, as I like, except when it goes off in another direction and I am all up for that. Last night's prayer was not new and I love this one. It isn't about anyone I know or may know. It is about everyone who breathed today. Young and old, rich or poor. Born in the USA or anywhere else. Big city, tiny village. Man, woman, boy or girl. Healthy or sick. Everyone who took a breath today. Everyone.

Those who said Thank you to You, bless them.

Those who cursed Your name, bless them

Those who lost a bit of their faith today, bless them.

Those who said Hello, as they said took their last breath, bless them.

Those who accepted Your Grace today, bless them.

Those who walked away again, after hearing Your Knock, bless them.

Those who are so lost, they can not hear, bless them.

Those who are cold, hungry and tired, bless them.

Those who took a breath today, bless them.