Dear Affordable Care Act,

Thank you for your interest in me. After multiple attempts, I gave up trying to contact you. In the first month, I was told by a professional that I could fill out a 160 page written application and that after further review, you would process it. I decided that was 1 week of my life that I couldn't get back and I exited.

Two months later, I tried again. This time with a navigator. She was all of 12 or 13, barely out of high school, high energy and we whipped through that application like no one's business. In the end, it seemed like I might be one step closer to not being homeless if I broke a leg. I was overjoyed. When I got home, I realized I had forgotten to add in some new income and I went back into my now-completed cases and tried to change edit my Life Change, like little Miss Tech had showed me. The error message I got said to check back next month to make a change. This didn't seem right so I decided to call in the Big Guns and get a live operator to help me. She told me I would have to delete that application, that no changes could be made and start a new one. She walked me through the deletion process. It didn't work. Neither did it work when she tried to delete it, or her supervisor. Finally, they told me to just start a new application and when Blue Cross called to finalize the paperwork, to tell them no. I was told that lots of people have four or five open apps, it would be fine.

So 45 minutes later, new application is done and the changes made, time to look at my options. To keep me from paying a $95 or 1%, which ever is most, it was going to cost me $2613 dollars to avoid the penalty tax. On top of that it would cost me $5513 before you would consider paying any submitted bills. The good news is that after paying $11,313 for the year, I would have met my maximum out of pocket copay.

I am sorry, ACA. I can't afford your less than generous offer. No way in hell.

It does worry me that there is a completed application out there Somewhere with my name on it but one thing I know for sure. With no credit card information and my 3 digit code, That baby is going anywhere. Sincerely, Zalaine