last candle, Love...

There is not a more universal relationship than Love. While we each have shared and have common knowledge of Love, to define it is impossible. Whether from God, each other, nature, creativity, or any other possible venue, we know yet Sometimes, don't have a clue.

From where to find it, to how to keep it. It is in music, in a flower and most definitely, in an ice cream cone. It may come in the form of a hug, physical or emotional. It can come in an instant and be gone, in the same amount of time.

We always look for it yet miss, many an opportunity. We are champions of love, yet believe it is elusive to us. It is in everything, yet untangible. We are hopeless romantics and while we may stumble and fumble, we continue to look for it because when we find it, we are in utter bliss.

May God's Love cover you this Christmas Season. May his peace flow over you again and again. May you know bliss, extraordinaire.