The second week of Advent...

has to do with Preparation.

Women spend most of their lives, preparing for one thing after another. Mostly, we have it down to a fine science. We know what we need to do for our families and spend many hours, sometimes many, many hours, getting ready. We may not get it all done, but we will die trying.

The preparation of Advent is about opening your heart, making yourself vulnerable to the real meaning of Christmas. That kind of prep takes more of us. Our time, our efforts, and our ability to Color Outside the Lines. It is about allowing the spirit of the season to take hold of your heart and make you new.

I am on a Buy/Sell/trade site. One girl posted tonight that her cousin who has four children, had her heater go out and needed help. The fire department said to get a hold of her landlord, make him pay for a motel for her and her kids. They tried, he would not answer the phone. It is past 10 pm and the temperature is headed for very low temps. Many posts later, a woman volunteered her H&A husband to come out, see if he could fix what the firemen said was broken and worry about billing later. She has a new baby and starts a new job tomorrow. With any lucky, she will have heat soon.

There are many different ways to be prepared. Sometimes, it means you are ready to go, on a moments notice. Sometimes it means, you are willing to take a chance. Whatever this Advent season looks like to you and however you are prepared, may the One who made you...bless you.