There are firsts in every season of life. Some, like kindergarten, are firsts that most of us share and being the humans that we are, we try to spread knowledge Love that we have acquired. When we are little and just starting to experiencing new firsts, we are less likely to listen. This is not the time to being open to encouragement and reassurances - we are in definite panic mode.

As we get older, the firsts become tougher. sometimes overwhelming to handle. When the firsts come for me now, they hold a bit more surprise and a little bit of joy. I realized a while back when all parents and in-laws were gone and now I had moved up a generation, there were still some firsts I will never experience in this life.

I will never be a young widow.
I will never lose my child during childbirth.
I will not die before I am 30.

These were all fears I believed could and more than likely, would happen. This last week reminded me that even after 30 some years of walking with Christ, there are still Jesus firsts, coming my way. Wow.

Another first, I bought and delivered my first Christmas presents. It sounds weird but when you see the whole picture, it makes perfect, perfect sense.

Adult onset allergies has been added to my firsts. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn with a blue mask on my face. I wanted to wear my sunglasses but thought I would resemble a terrorist so bagged that idea. I didn't want to wear the mask. Kids were just coming home from school but after a while, it was ok. Funny, never saw that one coming.

It is Day 3 and Gage is still asking if he has to go everyday to Kindergarten. Godd thing it is a short week and we will have some time to fill in some of the blanks for him this weekend. He is in the process of trying to understand why some kids don't follow the rules and he wants to go straight to the principal and bypass the over worked teacher.

Nothing quite like a first. It can be a time of renewal and confusion. It can be a source of awe and overwhelming. I can't wait until my next one!