Joe Cool...

Ok, not his REAL name but Kim, he should look very familiar. BTW, your family rocks! Had a great time taking pictures of Joe and his lovely family. They spent part of Joe's last evening taking family pictures before he heads back to California. They were an absolute delight and pretty darn cute to boot.

I have had my own share of Joe Cool moments. No, really. We all have. Those days when either our hair did exactly what we wanted or for some reason, the hind end looks a bit smaller. We stopped at a McDonald's last year coming back from The Lagoon and they had this special mirror. Brandi and I refused to get back in the car - we were there to stay. We both felt like we looked so good. We wanted to know where we could get these for home. Having a bad day? Just stand in front of the mirror for 15 seconds and the troubles of the day would just melt away.

Maybe I should grab my sunglasses and ask Mrs D to take a few pictures. Wonder if that would do it. It wouldn't be anything like the mirror but it may satisfy the very human need to be cool. Deny it all you want but every once in a while, each of us wants to be... a little cool.