Tessa - this is Tessa at the BTS Apple Store.

me - hey Tessa, lame question but wondering if you have any iPads that I could wait in line for?

Tessa - pause, can I give you some advice?

me - please do.

Tessa - I work here and was in line at 8 am yesterday and at 9, they came out and told us what was available so we could decide if we still wanted to stand in line. They had the black 64 Wifi and white 32 AT&T model. Do you want a particular model?

me- yes, the only one I want is the black 32 Wifi.

Tessa - order it at Apple.com.
I thanked her and wished her a great day. She was able to explain what the last 5 Apple helpers couldn't. She shared her experience. There are 12 different models and the chances of standing in line for the only one I am interested in are slim. She explained that their shipments didn't even have one of each model, that I would most likely stand in line for something I had no interest in buying. She changed my whole thinking and Apple dot com, there I went.

Thank you Tessa. Experience comes in many forms, advanced age is not the lighting rod for all experiences. If you have a tech question, ask an 11 year old. If you have a marriage question, age may become a factor. I do have a 8 year old who thinks like a 50 year old who continually challenges the many questions I have about this life. Choose wisely and folow their lead...