where is your head?

Ok,it was more colorful than that but last week when Microsoft let us know that they would be rolling out a tablet in the fall of 2012 - almost a year and a half from now, WINNING was not a part of that thought.

In January during the Consumer Electronics store in Las Vegas, there was great anticipation for Microsoft's results after reporting at the 2010 show, that they were all about the tablet. Here we are over a year later with Apple ready to roll out Tablet #2 and now Microsoft is trying to get us excited about Something over a year away, which in tech time is more like 10 years.

We all can talk a good game but the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Where is your head and what are you really doing? Not what are you thinking about contemplating or what is roiling around in your head. There is a Time and Place for those ideas, cloud ideas. We would be lost without them but at any given time, there has to be Something happening.

it doesn't have to big, genius-like or mountain-top.

It might look like taking care of your family. Giving a word of encouragement. It is the verb in our lives. The action and where it is. Keep the cloud ideas close but live the action. Take a big bite out of the apple but not, by the window...