Reconciliation - From Latin reconciliatio (“a re-establishing, reinstatement, restoration, renewal, a reconciling, reconciliation”), from reconciliare/

In a town of 17,000, 9500 people are missing and presumed dead.
Standing in line for an iPad 2, a woman sold her spot in line for $900.

These two realities, same day within a span of just a few hours. IMHO, both have had equal media time this week, depending on what planet you live on. I have The Daily on my iPad and the photos they have shared are unbelievable. In the 360 shots you get a sense of the devastation, almost firsthand. They have had some Before and After shots of areas hit by the tsunami that are hard to swallow

On the other hand, there was a photo of a homeless person whose sign read, Saving for a iPad2! Doesn't seems like we could be further apart, does it?

Answers minimal, questions galore yet, we were all made the same way by the same guy. Like or not, we are all pretty much in it together. The good guys don't wear white and even if they did, who would decide which were which? Look at the gene pool, Have you already forgot about last season's DWTS? Letting us decide is very bad idea so we go on.

We will pray and give to those who have lost so much and we will stand in line for hours and hours for things we want. Like it or not, this is who we all are...