black and white...

Wouldn't life be easier if we had referees following our every moves?
Making everything right 100% of the time?

Of course, not every violation would be caught and the whistle blown, the appropriate punishment given but it would be better than the free for all that life brings now. It would be confining but everyone would see it is not always, my fault. It would also be obvious, at least by the photos, that is isn't always about us.

But life is not fair, it is not black and white and mostly, it is not about us.

It is a hard lesson, one we have to learn over and over and over, again.

Truth be told, we probably wouldn't be as happy as one might imagine. There would still be unfairness. Missed calls or just wrongg calls, would still get our goats and we would still, complain.

We like it when the good guy wins but can't agree always or mostly, on who the good guy is. That is why in some areas of life, we need the black and whites to help us out but I gotta say, to have one around when DH and I got into those conversations where agreement is no where to be found, I would love to hear that black and white blow a whistle, point at WhatHisName and yell, Foul. Oh, how that would do we a world of good. Won't hold my breath waiting for it but a girl can dream, can't she?