glazed donuts...

While donuts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, glazed donuts never made the cut. Ever.

Put chocolate on them, wouldn't matter a bit, glazed donuts might as well have been green jello donuts, never spotted on my life radar screen....Until a few weeks ago.

Now, I have been at Krispy Kremes a hundred times. Maybe more. Chocolate cake donuts, now the Red Velvet ones always seemed to get and keep my attention. If they are baking when you are there, they give you a free, hot glazed donut, I have always said, No thank you.

Not sure the chain of events but when to the kids house and they offered us some KK donuts. I looked in the box and there were several varieties of glazed donuts left. I almost closed the box but this time, I did not. I grabbed one expecting nothing and I was hooked. Cold, glazed donuts. I was hooked good.

In the next several days, we found oursleves back at Krispy Kremes. No accident, it was planned. This time Chocolate glazed, a new world just opened up to me. 61 years of denial, fell in love in less than 60 seconds. Only KK, all others pale and are inferior and will still be avoided at all costs.

Makes me wonder what else I am missing out on? This is why I think being a student, learning something everyday is where it is at. I heard a comedian today say now that he is 70, he has graduated from everything. He has learned all he need to know and he is closing the mind shop down.

I think he is missing it. Maybe a lot of its. Never close your mind, always be ready and you will not be disappointed. Life has enough disappoints, never stop looking for the silver lining. 2013, here we go...