heart and soul...

I usually follow the crowd and pick a word to define the upcoming year. It is usually something I put little effort in because I can't compact my expectations in one word. This year, we are going to shake it up a bit. Not one word but three, heart and soul.

Yes, it is because of this photo. Miss M and Mr Matt playing the piano and just being. It was a lovely Moment, glad I got to share it with them. This 20 Something generation has captured my heart. They seem to be so creative and so full of life, maybe I just don't remember but I think they are different than we were.

Heart and soul, whatever this year brings, I want to be in. I want to be a part of it. I want to experience it all, the good and the bad. The heart and the soul of everyday life. The heart and soul of the wonderful things that are going to happen and the heart and soul, when the day and night both, have no light.

Heart and Soul... I fell in love with you, let's do this thing!