that's what it's all about...

I asked a friend today if she was ready for Christmas and I think that is not such a good thing.

That's not what it is all about.

It is just something we all ask and maybe we should re-think it. Words matter and sometimes, we just get caught up in the hoopla. Especially for women because it is usually our job to buy the gifts, make the goodies and keep the budget from overflowing. That is a big job on top of everything else we have to do.

I should have asked her if she was enjoying the season. I wish I had asked her if she had experienced a Jesus moment this month or if she had a new insight about the birth of God's son. I wonder if she has been moved to tears and why. Has she had any good cheer, come her way.

I am making a conscious effort to never ask anyone if they are ready for Christmas, again. Not in the traditional sense. If they have their shopping done, tree trimmed and family newsletter in the mail.

That's just not what it is all about.

Dec 6 - my tree is not up yet and I am not feeling that festive but my shopping is done. Wow - I really need to step back and head down a different path. I want Christmas to be in my heart as well as my head and I most certainly want it to be what it really is all about...