Whether Mother's or Father's Day. Or your birthday, or graduation or any of the other days we celebrate with great gusto, the bottom line is that we love to be adored.

Sometimes, we don't fit into the Box of the Day and we feel left out. The Theme of the Day just doesn't work in our lives. Think of Valentine's Day for a single person or Mother's Day for the one who for a vary of reasons, never became a mother. Holidays bring as much grief as loss, if you are on the losing team. Everything is not for everybody

For those times, you need to do some creative thinking not just wait out the 24 hours until a new day dawns. We each can choose to give or accept, being adored in ways we never imagined. It may not look like what we expected and we can choose to turn our backs...but we can also say, I'll take it... and thank you.

And that, can make one, a smart cookie with a grateful heart and the ability to accept adoration when it comes her way...