They were so familiar with the space around them, you knew this was their niche. I think when the nine of us, trotted onto the scene, we scared them off. You can spot whisperers, but only after they are gone. We didn't even notice when they left.

They will, no doubt be back tomorrow, after we have gone back to our regular lives. We are only Sunday geese whisperers, they are the Real Deal.

We are each whisperers in our own right, whether we see it or not. Think about what comes so naturally, so effortlessly to you. Who are the ones who are drawn to you, who want to be around you...just because. Whispering isn't new. It wasn't invented by a movie, it has always been here - we are just aware, now.

Our whispering was loud. While we came in peace and with lots and lots of bread, the geese were attentive and hyper, fighting over each piece of bread. With the Real goose whisperers, I imagine it looks more like an elaborate dance, where there is no pushing and shoving because they know, there is always enough for everybody. That is the mark of a true whisperer. So, what does your whispers sound like?