The Sahara, where Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack played, closing.
After 23 years, America's Most Wanted is calling it quits.
At 85, Jerry Lewis is retiring from MD telethon. MSNBC

Quite the news this week. None of us like to see these kind of changes. Reminds us of our own, impeding closing, however this is our new cultural normal. Not unlike the Dinosaurs of Old, the time has come and it is going to continue at speeds we have never seen before. Not only because of age but of value.

I imagine we will see more and more closings, most with much less history than what we are seeing now. With more experience, we will become less emotional as our world changes our lives, not to mention, our memories. We will learn to stop on a dime and learn to rearrange our lives in a nano second.

We will more easily understand that nothing last forever. Someone at book club last night talked about some in their life who had passed at age 88 - she was one of those people you thought would live forever. Intellectually, we know better.

Just pick up a 10 year old Good Housekeeping magazine and see how many of the advertised products, no longer exist. Just found out that a friend got her first Kindle, and the news had announced the new 5 gadgets that are obsolete and yes, the kindle was on the list. Multi function tablets have made them so.

They say when God closes a door, he opens another. His ways are not our ways. The bitter truth is, we may not have Pop Tarts forever. Enjoy it while you can...