crossing lines...

We each have lines in our lives that we won't cross. It has nothing to do with peer pressure but everything to do with how we are hard wired.

Not talking about obeying rules of a religion or an employer. Talking about the nevers in our lives. REgardless of what everyone else thinks or does, these are not in our sight of vision. Saying no when everyone else is saying yes. We can waver and move nevers from camp to camp but these are usually generational changes that come with age and a big does of, I was wrong. Accelerated from the inside out, not the other way around.

Sometimes we hear of someone's line and think, Really? That is where you draw the line? Remember this isn't about right or wrong, necessarily but by an inward push/pull. I remember when my dad and who would become my stepmother, moved in together. I was horribly embarrassed and lied, saying they were married. When they got married, I had to make up another Story. I was not raised in a house with rules and certainly none having to do with being married, yet that was a deal breaker for me and made up a Story, to make it ok.

Know your lines, understand them.
If they change, change with them.
If it feels wrong, don't start now.
Stand your ground.
If you are wrong, and proven wrong, let yourself off the hook.
Life is too short to not listen to that still, small voice...