vegan sneakers...

They put their logo on pencil cases and sweatpants. They partnered with Macbeth Footwear, run by Blink 182's Tom DeLonge, to sell vegan sneakers...Time

Vegan sneakers. I must be getting old.

It takes a lot of effort to keep up with what the younger generations are doing and even more, to understand them. Yet I see it everyday. The world is changing, some for the good, some for the not so good.

Keaton passed me in shoe size last year. A few months ago, he surged past me in height. I knew the day was coming but wan't ready for it yet. Much like the vegan sneakers, it has not Real to me yet very Real to the world. Maybe not but it seems like these days are changing faster than any other. What's old is new again. Retro is back big time, makes me with I still had those orange and yellow flowered sheets from the 70's. Could get a pretty penny on Ebay for them now and my orange toilet, don't get me started. yes it was in the living room and yes, it was a planter.

I love the app where you aim your phone at a song while it is playing and it tells you who is singing it. Now, that is putting technology to good use. I stay as current as Twitter allows me. The last few years I have learned more on social media than any other medium. No longer having to wait for anything, nothing says immediate gratification as well as Google. Instant information available 24/7, 365, all for the taking.

Now, if only I could use to slow my grandson from becoming a man. I did see that there are people working on keeping kids little and not growing up. Maybe him growing up isn't so bad but every other week! Keep up Sister, run the race, you can do it...