You did not make the iPhone. When the iPhone was being dreamed up, you were in kindergarten. You use the iPhone. And when you post a picture of your vacation, it doesn’t make you a genius, it makes Steve Jobs a genius. Steve Jobs is dead. And he died when he was your parent’s age. You’re alive. He can’t create something new, but you can. The ball is in your court.Donald Miller.

Never thought about the Steve Jobs thing. Apple is now the boss of us and run by 20 somethings but they haven't come up with many original ideas. The path has been set for them, laid out a couple of years ahead. Steve Jobs knew he was dying, others will not get that luxury. Each generation thinks their ideas are better, more hip and each have to some degree, been wrong. Donald Miller's prediction that much, more will be expected, sounds like Word to me.

We are people, humans and that basic nature will never change. You can doll it up or dress it in evil, whatever spin you are trying to create to prove your point but the bar can and has been set higher than at any other time. That doesn't change human behavior. Let's just pray that each generation uses it's powers for good.

You are not more entitled than any generation before you. Even if your parents paid for your education, and you have an iPhone(that your parent’s generation created) and can tell one-thousand people what you ate for lunch, you are not special. You are one in several billion people who God made, and you are equal to each of them, no matter how wealthy they were or how poor they were. In fact, with the tools you have been given, much more is expected of you than of any previous generation, and much more will be expected of your children.