the photographer...

My friend posted an article about if you are a guest at a wedding, please be careful about taking photos. The couple has spent good money for a photographer and videographer and you, Mr and Miss Guest, are in the way.

That train has long left the station. Been to a wedding recently? Everyone has a cellphone and has tweeted, FB or whatever their choice of intenet travel and it is everywhere. Got to say, have seen seen a bride or groom disappointed, to say nothing of mad? No and you won't. If the bride and groom feel that way, they need to give written instructions when guests are invited and that, is not going to happen.

There are even apps now that will link anyone's cell phone to any given wedding, and the bride and groom get a whole set of photos that the wedding photographer could never get. They are only one person.

I have shot weddings and know a bit about them. That said, I will never, ever be a first shooter at a wedding again. At the NFL wedding we just attended, I shot 336 photos, one of the first was my grandson and one of his football idols who came out of a photo booth, grabbed Gage, put on a feather thing and oversized glasses and told me to take a picture. What a night!

Talking to a friend's daughter yesterday and she attended a wedding where the bride and groom gave out prizes for the best Instagram photos during the wedding. It is a new world, my friends.

The photographer at this wedding, knew her stuff. She looked as relaxed as could be. She just kept shooting around all of us. Great respect for her, she had a bit of time after the ceremony to take pictures and a few at the reception but the rest, were on the run. If I was interested in doing wedding photography, I would learn to embrace the technology and figure out how to make it work. This is not going away, ever. Shooting in tandem with wedding guests is the new normal and I for one as a guest, am having a ball...