why here, why me?

One of the recurring thoughts in my life is why was I born here?

Why the United States of America? Why not Russia or China or India? I won't know that answer to that in this lifetime. Maybe never, but it doesn't stop me from asking. When you read of the countries who would give their eye teeth for clean drinking water. Forget about big screen TVs and iPad, a full belly would delight them. A delight that I am not capable of understanding.

If I lived in Sri Lanka or England or france, would I be envious or feel like a dodged a bullet at not being born in the USA? I always think every other country would kill to move their familes here but that is not altogether, true. We are a legend in our own minds. There are days, I am ashamed at our behavior or lack of. We have the resources, the intellect and the stamina to make more good choices than bad yet that doesn't seem to be the way it goes.

In the space of 1 hours on Thursday, there were five threat made to 4 local schools. By that evening, three business had also been targeted. Friday, it happened at Keaton's middle school. His text said he had been outside, standing, waiting. He said the admin moved the kids away from the building, with no explanation. Less than an hour later, they got the all clear.

You can not go a day without hearing about a shooting. Schools, mall, movie theaters. It is changing the way we think, and the way we do business. Will admit, have been thinking about taking a concealed weapon class and buying a gun. Never, ever thought I would consider this. Never thought about having to protect myself or my loved ones in this way. Never.

The older I get, while I still feel fortunate to live in this great country, I can see the flaws and fess up. Eyes wide open and with Newtown, firmly in my mind, a waving flag - still gets to me. Pray for our nation, pray for each other. We are in uncharted territory. We are truly learning to live in the Moment. God bless us all...