Today she is eight. How did that happen?

The easy answer is one day at a time. Days still feel like hours to her. She is still at the age where anything is not only possible but life is going to go on, forever. She has no defined concept of time. If she is in want, it is dire and if she is not, life is good. Maybe not a bad way to live. maybe I could learn something.

She doesn't know that yesterday 5 local school had bomb and personal injury threats within one hour's time. Or that her mommy got a text while we were all having her Birthday Lunch that his school had been evacuated and would stand outside for over an half hour before returning to their buildings. She does not not where Newtown is and what occured there. Today she is in birthday bliss and no one can make her shake it off, as it should be.

Happy Birthday Miss M! I hope you have many more carefree birthdays! It is your day and we are following your lead. Sometimes Real Life is overrated. Don't let the bad guys get you down. Define yourself but the good in your life, not the bad. Thank you for being the best, I love you to infinity and beyond...XO nana.