We all have core and secondary beliefs. I would guess that core beliefs make up 25% of our belief system with secondary ones, picking up the rest. In both belief systems, there is change. Obviously more in the 75%, where the ins and outs of everyday life are played out. What is relevant one day, is no longer the next day. Even the core beliefs see change. Different seasons of life, changes you never saw coming, tragedy and surprises, can shake a core belief, forever.

We may be creatures of habit but those habits can be fluid. You may never pick up a drink in your life but still be an alcoholic. Addiction is addiction, some are just more politically correct than others. The thing about beliefs is we make choices from minute to minute, based on those beliefs.

I have added to my core beliefs, many times. I have also eliminated some. Some beliefs come with age, some with circumstance and the older you get, the more they change. Here is small sampling of what is going on in my head, today

It is not exercise if you don't sweat.

Living in denial is not for the faint of heart, the cost is very real.

When you make a choice for a lifetime, you must burn your ships. If you don't, you will, you will climb back on board.